5 Styles To Make A Classic White T-Shirt Pop

5 Styles To Make A Classic White T-Shirt Pop

5 Styles To Make A Classic White T-Shirt Pop

We know you have been asking for it, and now, the time is here. Wearing a jacket from BODA SKINS has always been a positive feeling, but we understand the slight frustrations that have come with not being able to partner up your jacket with a subtle white tee. Trust us, every leather needs one. 

Now, we have introduced our brand new 220 Washed Off White tee. Handcrafted from 100% certified organic cotton, this BODA SKINS 220 Tee effortlessly combines comfort, style, and sustainability. Weighing in at 220gms, this high-quality interlock heavy jersey has been produced in small batches with an overwhelming feeling of exclusivity. 

Each tee has been dyed and washed individually, meaning each garment will have its unique fade-out finish. Finished with a cotton canvas label, each tee has its own batch number, ensuring that your tea will undoubtedly be one of a kind. 

But, how would you style it? We understand that it’s all well and good having the perfect tee and jacket, but which combination would look the best for you? Let’s find out…  



If you’re familiar with BODA SKINS, you will be more than aware of our Kay Michaels leather. Recently, we released our Smoke Grey version, and it is looking like the perfect fit for the summer season.  

When partnering with the 220 Stone Wash Tee, this combination gives you the chance to shine. Keeping the colour pallet neutral, this subtle look allows you to keep things quietly confident.  

Jack Dyson, BODA’s Global Brand Manager said: “The beauty of wearing a white tee as a base layer when styling your outfit is that it goes with every colourway you can imagine and with coloured leathers, there’s no exception. 

"You’ve seen our classic Kay Michaels Burnt Grey styled with loads of different pieces over the years, but the 220 Off White tee really is a match made in heaven. Finish this look off with some black cargo pants or jeans and you’re good to go.”


Of course, this styling feature wouldn’t be a styling feature without our classic Kay Michaels look. This world-famous jacket is known for being on the backs of some of the most iconic people on the planet, and we want to help you get the best out of your KM while combining it with our 220 Off White tee. 

We have had endless requests to introduce a white tee to compliment our Kay Michaels, so we are so happy to give some guidance on how to style it. We would recommend adding our Adour Mohair scarf, too, helping to tie the whole look together. 

Georgie Williams, BODA’s Head of eCommerce and Marketing said: “Sometimes, the simplest of styling has the biggest impact. The Kay Michaels is hands down our most loved style, so teaming this with our classic Off White tee just makes sense. With the Kay Michaels, the jacket tends to do all of the talking, and the 220 Off White tee will compliment it perfectly. Add in the Mohair scarf on those colder evenings or if you want to add in a little texture or pattern to your outfit. With this trio, you really can’t go wrong.”


Our Warrior 2.0 jacket is one of our most prestigious shearlings in the BODA ranks, and we want to show you how to style it with your 220 Off White tee. 

We understand that this particular shearling jacket is one of our warmest we have available, so we would suggest partnering with no accessories. 

The plain white base here emphasises the Warrior’s intricate detailing, while the shearling lining takes centre stage to show off the luxurious fabrics that make this jacket so perfect. 

Jenna Patel, BODA’s Global Talent and Partnerships Coodinator said: “The Off White tee is an essential that everyone needs in their wardrobe. A lot of talent have asked me to hook them up with this combination and I can see why. Expect to see this look combined with some black jeans and boots for an effortless smart-casual look as we transition towards summer.”


As you’re very much aware, we have designed some very cool varsity jackets over recent times - we even looked into the history of the style recently. 

But the BODA Varsity is one of the most effortless available to combine with your 220 Off White tee. As well, partnering this duo with our black cashmere beanie creates the perfect outfit that can be fit for the local strolls or the outdoor beer gardens. 

Jack added: “Okay, so I’m going to be honest here, I have a real bias when it comes to this look. As you can see from my Adidas Y3 trainers in the picture, I’m a big fan of the monochromatic look. 


Finally, we want to see you style our Premium Classic Biker Shearling. This is one of our favourite pieces here at BODA HQ, and is perfect for the outdoor gatherings where you want that slight edge.  Shearling, of course, is what we wear when we want to keep warm. But, the beauty here, is that our Premium Classic Biker Shearling is accessible for the warmer, and colder days. Partner this combination with our cashmere beanie and gloves to give yourself some protection against the cooler evenings. Rachel Davies, BODA’s garment technologist said: “The Premium Classic Biker Shearling is a personal favourite of mine as I love the contrast detailing. Teaming it with our Off White tee really enhances those details. I like a casual look that’s effortless to create, making the simple combination of the Premium Classic Biker Shearling, 220 tee and cashmere beanie and gloves a winner for me.”

So, there we have it. BODA’s personal guide to styling your 220 Off White Tee. Available for both men and women, be sure to show us how you style yours by tagging @bodaskins on Instagram.