All of our products are crafted by experienced artisans using the finest materials. As the seasons pass, your BODA will mature alongside you. To make sure your item doesn't diminish in quality as it grows in character, please prevent any contact with oil or alcohol-based substances such as cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitisers, or disinfectants.

The BODA item in your possession is hand crafted from the finest materials, hand selected by our specialist artisans. It was designed with the highest standards of quality and expertise, that we at BODA SKINS stand by. Your product is extremely precious to us and deserves the same care and affection from you each and every day.

We understand that your BODA will mature as seasons pass and it will get better and better over time. You can’t beat that ‘worn in’ look that really tells a story and shows off the character of your jacket over time. However, there is no rush. Giving your jacket a break every now and again will give it time to rest and restore, where it can grow in character and not diminish in quality.

Your leather will withstand most of the things that life has to throw at it, but it is still best kept away from elements such as water, oil, perfume, direct heat and light, humidity, or environments that are too hot or too cold. Prolonged exposure to such elements may provoke unwanted damage. When in contact with water, wipe immediately with a soft cloth to avoid saturation.

Repeated contact with hard or rough surfaces may cause the appearance of scratches and worn grain on areas of greatest wear. 

Please see below our recommendations for looking after your BODA and keeping it as fresh as possible. They may sound a little extreme (believe it or not, getting caught in heavy rain won’t be the end of your BODA), but stick to these where you can and you and your jacket will get along just fine…

Throughout the life of your BODA, you will notice a softening of the silhouette and a naturally occurring patina on your hardware. 

This evolution along with the presence of natural aspects such as natural marks and wrinkles are anticipated and we see them as proof of the uniqueness and authenticity of our products. Each impression adds character to your BODA and leaves behind a lasting story to be told. The origin and quality of our materials is paramount, please find more information below about our Leather and Shearling.

Lambskin and Cowhide leathers are carefully selected and chosen for their refinement, suppleness and soft touch. To meet our highest quality standards, only the best hides are selected. 

Our leathers reveal natural markings and character that signifies the products’ authenticity and journey alongside the owner. They may carry natural imperfections, such as veins or wrinkles but to us, that's what makes a BODA SKINS product.

Cleaning - If your leather encounters water, blot immediately with a lint-free light coloured, absorbent cloth and leave to dry in natural conditions.

Avoid -  Cleaning with any solvents or chemicals is not recommended. Home remedies to darken the leather should be avoided at all costs. Elements such as oils, make up, perfumes, creams, or sanitizers applied to the leather can compromise its natural beauty so please avoid where possible.  These chemicals can diminish the quality and integrity of the leather as it wears over time. 

To preserve the purity of the colour of your jacket, refrain from wearing in direct sunlight and bright lights. 

Rain - Try to avoid wearing your leather jacket in heavy rain or snow. In a case where this can not be avoided, hang your jacket to dry and clean it delicately with a soft cloth to remove any stains. Avoid hanging your jacket in direct heat. 

Storage - To ensure your BODA's longevity, we recommend storing your leather jacket in a cotton garment cover in a dry and cool place. The cotton fabric is breathable and will provide your jacket with the perfect protection. Please avoid storing your jacket in a plastic cover. 

Always hang your item on a broad shouldered coat hanger. Thin wooden or metal hangers can stretch the skin and mis-shape the shoulders of your coat. Never hang over a hook or banister as this can distort the neckline.

The shearling skins we source are selected for their luxurious, high quality. Each hide ages in different ways, adding to their natural character. Shearling is a natural product, so variations in texture, shade and markings are inherent, and should be considered as enhancing their natural beauty. 

We want you to enjoy wearing your BODA SKINS piece for many years to come. so here we share our specialist knowledge and  tips on how to help you clean, care and maintain your shearling:

Cleaning - You do not need to clean your shearling often, if at all. The natural lanolin within the wool will actually self clean...saving you a job. Simply shake the jacket free of dust or dirt when you see fit. However, if you decide to clean your shearling, please always consult a Shearling and Leather specialist dry cleaner. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

Skins can react differently to different dry cleaning methods and this could create changes to the texture and surface. We recommend to only dry clean your shearling if it has had regular use and is looking very tired. 

Avoid - Shearling is best kept away from elements such as ink, grease, oil based substances e.g makeup, body creams/ oils and perfumes. Such elements can permanently mark the suede or nappa finish of your shearling, causing irreversible damage. 

Rain - When possible, try to avoid rain as this can permanently affect the appearance and texture of the wool. If you do get caught in the rain, shake off excess water and hang up your garment on a broad shouldered coat hanger. Remember to keep it away from direct heat and let it dry naturally. 

Please note that most skins will not be affected, but some wools are more sensitive to rain and atmospheric agents. 

Care - Occasional light brushing will help to revive the pile of the suede. You can remove light marks by gently brushing downwards with a suede brush or dry sponge. A suede block can be used for heavier marks, but always rub gently and with caution. Do not use your suede brush or block on any nappa finishes. 

You can protect the surface of nappa and suede shearling by using a leather protection spray. We advise that you test a small unseen area first to ensure the spray does not leave behind any marks. Please note; we cannot accept responsibility for any results and would advise taking to a specialist dry cleaners if unsure. 

Storage - To ensure longevity, we advise storing your shearling in a cool space with low humidity. Using a cotton garment cover to protect your shearling is recommended as this is breathable. Never store your shearling in a plastic cover. Always remember to leave enough space around your shearling, as wool can bruise when compressed. 

Always hang your item on a broad shouldered coat hanger. Thin wooden or metal hangers can stretch the skin and mis-shape the shoulders of your jacket. Never hang over a hook or banister as this can distort the neckline.

Keep your shearling away from sunlight and bright light as this can fade and discolour the shearling. 

To avoid the risk of permanent marks or damaging accidental spills whilst out, always fold your shearling so the wool is on the outside. Wool can easily be wiped clean with a damp sponge and so spillages will not cause lasting damage. Liquid or grease can permanently damage the skin's nappa side.

Colour transfer - No skins are truly colourfast. Please avoid contact of dark or brightly coloured shearling on light fabrics. Equally, dark fabrics as they can easily transfer onto light suede and nappa finishes. 

Please be aware that colour and dyes from fabrics such as new denim, can easily rub onto light suede and nappa finishes. Please be careful if your coat is a light colour and reversibile.

Our ready to wear garments have been exclusively created with top-quality materials and innovative techniques. As the seasons pass, your BODA will mature alongside you. We are passionate about your item and want to ensure that it doesn't diminish in quality as it grows in character. Care for your BODA as we would, by following the advice below:

We have merged advanced fashion technologies with new innovative materials, combining comfort with high thermal insulation, to ensure you stay warm but look cool during those colder months. 

Care - Your Puffer jacket is at the forefront of technology. These carefully sourced materials need love and attention to keep them at their best. You shouldn’t really need to wash your Puffer, however if you do, please ensure that you hand wash it only and then lay it flat to dry. Do not tumble dry your jacket or take it to your dry cleaners. Dry cleaning methods could create changes to the texture and surface of your jacket that will be irreversible.

If you get any marks on your jacket, wipe these away with a damp cloth and then lay your jacket flat, in a cool area, to naturally dry. Avoid direct heat as this may alter the colour and texture of your puffer.   

Storage - Store your puffer in a cool, dry place. It is best to hang your item on a broad shouldered coat hanger as thin wooden or metal hangers can mis-shape the shoulders of your jacket. Whilst storing, keep your puffer away from sunlight and bright light as this can fade and discolour the material over time. 

Jersey is the starting point, the very first layer. Quality, staple pieces designed to be worn under your jacket. These are the garments that touch your skin first, therefore should be natural, breathable and of the highest organic quality.

Our base range is made from 100% premium organic cotton that is breathable and natural. Designed to withstand time, washing and the road. These minimalist pieces are dyed in a vintage wash. From the cut to the handcrafted touches + carefully hand-finished stitching on the seams, every detail has been thought of to provide the highest quality pieces.

Care - To care for your premium organic cotton in the best possible way, we advise using a delicate machine wash specific for cotton. Ensure that this wash is at a low temperature, and does not exceed 30 degrees celsius. Use laundry detergents specifically for cotton garments that ideally do not contain surface agents, and use a softener too. No need to tumble dry your Jersey pieces, just dry them flat. 

BODA SKINS will not be held responsible for damages to any products resulting from a washing or drying process that is not in compliance with the instructions above.