BODA SKINS was founded with the aim to slow fashion down. We chose to design and create timeless pieces that fit like a second skin and last a lifetime. Items that you wear as you go about everyday life; with you through every story, every memory and every occasion. Items that you cherish, forever.

"You see, this isn’t a short trip, this is a journey and we’re in it for the long haul. By working together, we all have the power to positively impact our future."

CEO + Founder Nathan Alexander

We strive for sustainability throughout all of our products. From the materials sourced and used to the many types of processes - we try our hardest to limit our impact on the planet. We produce high quality products that are designed to last you a lifetime. By doing this, each individual customer is helping to significantly reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion and waste. All of our jackets are handcrafted in artisan mills and, where possible, all of our materials are ethically sourced.

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In February 2021, we introduced the BODA Buyback initiative. This new initiative presents the opportunity to sell your BODA jackets back to us, and also by pre-loved ones via our Depop. By buying and selling pre-loved items, you are giving it a second lease of life. This form of recycling massively reduces production and waste.

The leather that we use is a bi-product of the food industry and therefore one of the oldest forms of recycling. The majority of our hides are dyed using a vegetable dye which has a lower impact on the environment. We are currently working with 1 ‘Green Factory’ and we have ensured that all jersey items are GOTS certified. We also ensure the down used to fill our Puffer jackets is Responsible Down Standard certified. Not all of our factories have these certifications, and so we are working with our current suppliers to improve their production in order to gain these certifications and to be more environmentally friendly.

From our cardboard shipping boxes to our multi-functional dust bags, all our packaging is designed to be recycled or reused. Our 100% cotton dust bags are made to keep your leather goods protected from scratches and dust when travelling or storing items between seasons, plus a handle and shoulder straps for everyday carrying convenience. We ship via DPD + FedEx worldwide, other than the EU where we use TNT - all companies working on becoming carbon neutral.

We host our website with Shopify and use their service ShopPay to process most of the payments through our stores. All orders that are processed using ShopPay are automatically offset for Carbon through Shopify’s Sustainability Fund. Shopify invests $5M annually in the most promising solutions to fight climate change. Their goal is to help prove, scale, and commercialise climate technology for massive impact in the long term. Commerce and entrepreneurship can only thrive in the long term if our planet thrives too and Shopify’s Sustainability Fund invests to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help just that.


Product Development.
By taking small steps, we can all begin to affect big change. Every piece of clothing goes through dozens of processes - and they all have an effect on our planet. Here at BODA SKINS, there are still plenty of ways we can play a part in limiting our own environmental impact through using sustainably sourced materials from certified leathers to alternative fabrications and technologies.

Leather + Shearling.
We are constantly working with our Leather + Shearling suppliers to improve every step of the production process through traceability, chemical transparency and chrome free non hazardous tanning, to ensure that our products and hardware are durable enough to last you a lifetime. Within this development, we are exploring new fabrics and techniques and only working with certified green factories to ensure that every step of our production meets the highest standards of environmental performance.

We are further developing different fabrics, dying techniques and washes across our jersey collection. We are continuing to work with our supplier to ensure that all of our jersey items reach the Global Organic Textile Standard by containing organic fibres, using a minimum chemical input and being processed with the least possible environmental impact.

We are very selective with any new factories that we work with. Our aim is to be working with a range of factories who are all ‘Green factory’ certified and part of the Leather Working Group. These are like minded factories who share our vision, our values and who care for the environment. We are also working with our current suppliers to improve their production and waste reduction in order to gain these certifications. By reducing waste, we will be reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

We aim to ship all shipments from our factories to us, via sea freight. Shipping via boat provides lower energy consumption and emissions of products harmful to the environment than land transport or air transport. Maritime transport is and will probably remain for a long time the least polluting mode of transport per tonne of goods transported over long distances, so we are working towards ensuring that all shipments we receive are sent via the sea.

Designing Sustainably.
We work with many of our best selling shapes, updating them slightly season to season. We never follow short term trends, we want our pieces to feel relevant for many years to come. We also continually educate our customers on how to care for their products. We want them to show their items lots of love, so they can age beautifully.