Introducing BODA’s Latest Bordo Collection

Introducing BODA’s Latest Bordo Collection

If you’re an avid follower of us, you will have come to understand that every once in a while, we reintroduce one of our classic leathers, but with a fresh and modernised twist. We get that not everyone is a fan of change, but it’s what we live by here at BODA HQ… Change is what allows us to evolve.

The BODA SKINS mood board is always a positive place, filled with bright ideas and innovation, but sometimes, brilliance can come from something simple - introducing our new Bordo collection. Now.. I’m sure some of you are wondering: what’s Bordo?

Bordo is a burgundy, reddish-purple colour. It’s often confused with maroon which is a dark red colour, but with this latest drop, we’re ensuring that there are no confusions amidst our perfections. This striking colorway takes its inspirations from the burgundy colour of wine… The region of France to be specific. Named after the ancient Germanic Burgundians.

Now, onto the good stuff - how have we integrated it at BODA? Well, our new Bordo colourway has been introduced into four of our world-famous designs.


Kay Michaels: Bordo 

Our beloved Kay Michaels is now welcoming this incredible colour. Broadening its palette once again, this British icon has been handcrafted from sheep leather, while still integrating its distinctive details, in an improved manner. Featuring its classic asymmetrical zips, you can also see quilting details and slanted pockets, while its unique artisanal finishing gives it a unique and independent character of its own.

Also, there is no reason to worry when it comes to the sustainability factors here, our supplier has a 4-star rated ‘Green Factory’ which is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design approved. 


As we have mentioned in one of our previous blogs, we now offer 75% of our BODA items in a Tall option (you can read about why we do it here). So, we’re happy to tell our taller BODA fam that our Kay Michaels: Bordo is available for you guys, too.

When it comes to sizing, we would recommend ladies over 5ft 9 go for the Tall option, while we recommend gents over 6ft 2 to go for the Tall version, too!

You can shop for this latest Kay Michaels edition for men here, and women here.


Jaws: Bordo

Now, it’s time to introduce our best-selling Jaws in this striking Bordo colourway. Our Jaws has been a huge hit with the BODA fans over recent times, and this new edition to the Jaws family is tipped to be BODA’s modernised take on the perfect transition into the Spring/Summer period.

This jacket continues to host the classic, simple design, with featured buckles on the cuff, edge of the body and collar. Ribbed detailing can also be seen on the shoulder and the dipped hem on the back panel. The interior is lined with top-class, premium satin and of course, features the signature pockets for phones and cardholders.

You can shop for your Jaws Bordo here.


The Alexander: Bordo 

The Alexander, is named after our owner and CEO, Nathan Alexander, and this one stands as his personal favourite of the BODA arsenal. As a jacket that has been tailored towards the most daring of our clientele, The Alexander is now available in this classic Bordo colourway. 

It comes with black polished hardware, along with ribbed detailing on the arms and side panels. Additional buckle details have also been introduced, to ensure that there is also added flexibility for the times when you want to layer up. The interior features spacious pockets, integrated into a premium satin lining.

You can shop for The Alexander here.

You can shop for your Alexander Bordo for men here and women here and be sure to show us how you style yours by tagging us on Instagram @BODASKINS.