BODA’s Tall Collection: Why We Do It

BODA’s Tall Collection: Why We Do It

As you know by now, our Kay Michaels jacket is one of, if not the most famous leather jacket in the world. Its legacy is unrivalled. Over the years, as it’s grown in popularity, Kay Michaels has travelled to all corners of the world. From Brazil to Bali, South Africa to South London, it’s seen it all. But it’s not just the jacket that's travelled… Our iconic BODA SKINS WKNDR events have seen Team BODA travel the globe, on a quest to engage with, and grow, the BODA family. 

We’ve touched down in some of the Tallest nations in the world: Denmark, Holland, Germany, Norway - the list goes on. As our taller customer base grew, naturally, did the demand for us to develop a ‘Tall’ Kay Michaels. Fast forward to today, where we see some of the biggest (literally) superstars in the world pay attention to our jackets on a weekly basis, from NBA stars to runway models, trust us, the demand is high... For us, this was the final piece of the jigsaw. 

Now, as we write this piece, 75% of our incredible collection is available in ‘Tall’ sizes. Making BODA SKINS the go to luxury fashion label for this niece market. 

Below we’ve pulled together some of our favourite styles that are available in tall to give you the heads up on some of our best selling pieces.


This one is for the daring people out there. Our signature Kay Michaels is, of course, available in tall, but we wanted to point out our Burnt Red edition. This features all the classic Kay Michaels features, but with a striking edge.

Featuring quilted detailing on the shoulders, it is also complemented by ribbed detailing on the arms and side panels. Buckle detailings have also been added along with zips on the cuffs that allow extra room for layering. 

This jacket has been a serious seller for us here at BODA HQ, and it is available for all men out there.

In the jacket: @thecolinowens, 6ft 4


This Spanish Merino Trucker is for sure one of BODA’s biggest must-haves. It’s crafted from luxurious Australian shearling and is guaranteed to revitalise your wardrobe. Featuring leather buckles and rust-proof, zinc alloy-based brass tips, the style is finished off with signature BODA union flag labels.

Each hide on every individual Trucker is unique to itself, adding to its own natural character. Shearling is a natural product, so of course, it features variations in texture, shade, and markings - these characteristics make each jacket so beautifully themselves. 

The jacket is very easy to upkeep, too, as it features natural cleaning technology that allows you to remove all dust and dirt. This one is available for both men and women!

In the jacket: @josh_jwill, 6ft 1


The Oilers Varsity taps back into the look of our signature styles. The BODA Varsity jacket has always been a statement piece that emits confidence, and this jacket is one that can break any boundary that is placed in front of you. 

Within the design, the jacket embodies contrasting stripes on the cuffs and collar, nodding to the theme of team spirit that comes with varsity culture. Keeping things sharp and fitted, the Oilers Varsity is one of the most popular items to come from the latest Libertatem collection. 

Rounding off, the jacket brings in premium brushed viscose, wool melton and, Italian lambskin Napper leather sleeves and detailing. This is the perfect varsity for all the men out there.

In the jacket: Justin Holiday, 6ft 6


Of course, we couldn’t mention a varsity jacket just for the men! The BODA Varisty is the perfect casual jacket for all the taller women. Its’s BODA’s take on the classic American Varsity jacket, dating its origins back to the 1860s. This timeless classic features our signature ‘B’ patch on the arm is made from premium 100% sheepskin leather, while also being complemented by sheepskin lining.

This black and white bomber jacket also features a ribbed collar, waist and cuffs. We have added 5cm onto the sleeve and jacket length here and would recommend it if you’re 5ft 8 and above.

In the jacket: @thatkris, 6ft 4


Of course, we have to recommend Kay Michaels for the ladies! Our classic silhouette has recently become available in gold hardware, and is available in Tall.

All of the classic features are still there, but with a new and improved edge. Ribbed detailing can be spotted on the shoulders and sleeves, along with buckle details being there for when you want to add an extra layer under your jacket. The interior can be spotted with new premium satin, along with two inside pockets designed to hold all mobile phones and card-holders.

In the jacket: @arianadiamant, 5ft 10

Be sure to look further into the tall items we have available at BODA SKINS, for men here and women here, and be sure to tag us in your outfits via @BODASKINS.