How To Take Care Of Your BODA

How To Take Care Of Your BODA



Here at BODA SKINS, we love that our jackets are designed to last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on our leathers being the best, and we want to ensure that your leathers will never need to be replaced. All our products are crafted by experienced artisans, using world-class materials, that are designed to last a lifestyle. 

BODA jackets mature with you, and that’s what makes them special. But, like all luxury items, a bit of self-care is always recommended.  

By now, you’ll know we create more than just the best leather jackets in the world. Our puffer jackets and luxury shearlings are all elite in their class. However, each style requires unique TLC to make sure it remains in peak condition, no matter what life throws at it. With that said, we want to give you some advice on how to care for it, making sure it’s by your side, forever.

BODA's are designed to last a lifetime, but every once and a while, they need that little bit of tender loving care....


When it comes to cleaning your BODA, we recommend staying away from letting your jacket come into contact with oil or alcohol-based substances. 

Cosmetics, perfumes, hand sanitizers, and disinfectants all have the power to damage the quality of your jackets outer, and can also affect the colouring. We understand that life throws us obstacles on a daily basis, trust us, we face many ourselves! 

But, in order to keep your BODA jacket in tip-top form, it’s always good to keep it away from prolonged exposure to elements that may provoke unwanted damage. Don’t let water sit on your leathers for too long, and ensure that you wipe with a soft cloth to avoid saturation. 

Also, repeated contact with rough or hard surfaces may cause the appearance of scratches and worn grain on areas.


Our leather jackets are constructed from lambskin and cowhide leather and have been carefully selected for their refinement, suppleness, and soft touch. There’s a reason our leather is the best on the planet - only the best is ever selected. The leathers you will purchase from BODA SKINS reveal natural markings and character that signify the journey the jacket has been on alongside its owner. 

 Don’t panic if you begin to see the odd crinkle, that’s what makes our leathers so individually perfect as you settle into it. When cleaning BODA SKINS leather, blot with a lint-free, light-coloured absorbent cloth and leave to dry in natural conditions. But, please, avoid using all oil chemicals, makeup, creams, and sanitisers as this will diminish the quality of the leather over time. 

We would recommend not wearing your leather in heavy rain or snow, but if worst comes to worst and you get caught in a surprise blizzard, you can wipe your BODA down delicately with a soft cloth. Don’t leave your jacket in direct heat, however. 

Finally, you can store your leather jacket in a cotton garment cover in a dry and cool place. Ensure that all cotton covers are breathable and will provide your jacket with its love and affection. Always hang your BODA on a broad-shouldered coat hanger.  Why, you ask? Thin wooden or metal hangers are prone to misshaping the jacket and can distort the neckline, meaning the perfect fit of your BODA is in jeopardy.


Our shearling jackets have continued to soar in popularity. The soft fur is swiftly becoming a fan-favourite amongst the BODA SKINS family, so let’s make sure you keep it at its most perfect standard

The beauty of our shearlings is that you very rarely have to clean them. The natural lanolin within the wool naturally cleans itself: simply shake the jacket free of dust and dirt whenever you like. 

However, if you decide to wash your BODA shearling, we recommend that you take it to a professional dry cleaner, please do not put it in the washing machine. We would only recommend washing your shearling if it collects excessive dirt and looks worn. 

Occasional light brushing will help revive the look of the suede and you can remove any light marks by gently brushing downward with a suede brush or dry sponge. You can always use a suede block if you prefer, but always make sure you brush lightly.  

We would recommend using a leather protection spray, and if you’re not too sure on how to spray, always test on a small, unseen area first to ensure you’re not left with any surprising marks. 

At the end of the day though, if you’re not too sure, take it to the professionals. When storing your shearling, we advise that you keep your jacket in a cool space with low humidity. We would recommend using a cotton cover, too.


Your puffer jacket is designed with only the highest technologies integrated. Its design, along with the fabrications used in its construction means that you don’t actually have to wash your puffer very often, but in the rare occurrence that you do, ensure that you hand wash and then lay flat to dry.  

Please avoid putting your jacket in the washing machine or taking it to the dry cleaners as it could make changes to the texture or surface of your jacket. If you happen to get any marks on your jacket, wipe them away with a damp cloth and lay your jacket flat and lay flat in a dry area. 

Avoid direct heat, too, as this could alter the texture of the outer. Store your puffer in a cool, dry place, and make sure you use a broad-shouldered coat hanger to avoid any chances of misshaping. 

When storing, it’s best to leave out of the way of sunlight and bright lights as this could fade the colouring over time. Let’s make sure we keep our jackets by our sides forever. Follow these steps, and you will! 

Let’s make sure we keep our jackets by our sides forever. Follow these steps, and you will! For any added questions around caring for your BODA, feel free to email us at: