How does the name Bohnes represent your sound and vibe?

Bones are what hold us up, frame us, and keep us together. They give us strength. I wanted to strip it all back and make something that was true to me, Whether that was in music or a leather jacket.

You spent a significant part of your life honing your skills under Vegas lights. How have the theatrics of that city influenced you? 

Las Vegas is classy but gritty. it’s an oasis in the middle of desert. A city full of life surrounded by nothing but dirt. A lot of dreams are made in Vegas and a lot of dreams die their as well. I think that’s what I look for to create with my music. Refined grit. A beautiful darkness.

Shadows and light.

You’re known for your multimedia productions and now you’ve partnered with BODA SKINS on a new leather jacket design. Has fashion always been part of the plan?

I think most importantly ART has always been part of the plan. I always feel the need to be creative. I was born with so much in my head that I always feel the need to let it out and nothing feels better than Meeting people who appreciate it or who feel the same way/see the world in the same way. I am constantly finding ways to express and reinvent myself. My worst enemy and biggest fear is sitting still and being quiet.

Your jacket has custom lining and a prominent rib cage emblazoned on the back, hearkening to your namesake. What are the kind of nights you hope your jackets get to experience?

I wanted to make a jacket that I could wear every day and every night. I’m talking every situation imaginable. Something that was classic and clean but still bold. I love that a lot of the details are inside of the jacket, as well... so I know that some of it is just for me. The pieces on the outside are subtle but still make it undoubtedly, me, and what I want to represent. However, I didn’t just make it for me. I made it for the people who can Relate to me. The outcasts, the rebels, and the underdogs. The rib cage symbolizes who you are underneath it all and at your core... To stay true to yourself and that is something that I will represent and stand by every day of my life.

It also comes with a set of pins with varying degrees of attitude. What is it about customization like this that you feel is important for fashion?

Customization is incredibly important in fashion. My favorite pieces in fashion are when people take what they already have but make it their own and put their own twist on it. When they mix and match, cut and chop things up, write on them and add their favor, add patches and pins etc. each one of these pins represent different songs on my album so it’s extremely personal to me. Each and every pin.

Like music, fashion is often about making a statement. How has BODA allowed you to make yours with this new piece?

I feel the contrast between the black leather and the white embroidered ribcage is what makes the jacket so special. It remains classy while making a statement. Life is all about balance and the dichotomy in this jacket is exactly what we were looking for. Not only does it represent my music project.. but it represents me as a person as well, and that was extremely important to me. I wanted to make something that EVERYONE could wear. no matter your gender, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your lifestyle.. underneath it all we are all bones. we are all human. That’s what this represents. I’m honored that Boda also saw my vision and wanted to move forward with the statement and stand by me. It’s been an incredible ride and team effort.

What are the benefits you see with collaborations between artists of different mediums, whether it’s musicians and fashion designers or poets and directors?

The best art is collaborative! You get such beautiful work when two minds or multiple minds come together. Every mind is different and creative in its own right so when you blend any two together you get art on all parts of the spectrum. I think it’s what being apart of the human race is all about. Collaboration. Working together. Learning about each other’s similarities, differences, and intricacies. All art forms inspire other art forms. Music is inspired by fashion.. fashion by music.. photography by performance... performance by painting.. etc. what’s more beautiful and symbiotic than that?

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