Ardour Mohair Scarf

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Accessories are one of the most important features of making a look become your own, but sometimes we all need that one item to help us get through life’s biggest challenges. The latest accessory to hit the BODA SKINS collection is the Ardour Mohair scarf: an item looking to bring comfortability and durability for all seasons of the year. Partnering with a fellow company in the north of England, this new, exclusive mohair scarf has been manufactured by the famous Samuel Tweed - a trusted, world-class mohair fabricator that’s been at the top of it’s class for over 75 years.

Their friendliness, relatability and the overall history of the Samuel Tweed brand are what we loved here at BODA HQ, and this collaboration accessory is due to be one of the quickest sellers of the season.

Keeping the textures luxuriously soft and durable, mohair fibres are spun and in a 100-year-old spinning mill in West Yorkshire, England - before being woven locally - creating a bespoke and handcrafted check design of textured loops, bouclés and slubs. The mohair is one of the most regal fibres, paying homage to South African Angora goats, animals that are acclimated to the most extreme of hot summers and cold winters.

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One size fits all

Dimensions L 83cm x H 27cm

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  • 64% Mohair 31% Wool 5% Nylon
  • 100% Lambs Leather branded trim
  • Woven by Samuel Tweed in England
  • Soft and durable textures
  • Eco-friendly fabrications
  • Collection of textured loops bouclés and slubs
  • Check pattern on the design