Before photography, did you have another creative outlet or pursuit?

I actually didn’t, which is why photography is so special to me. I graduated from college and was given an opportunity to open and manage a bar in San Francisco. I was working all of the time, and it was an amazing experience but after 2 years I was exhausted and realized I wasn’t happy and my life felt very robotic. I moved down to LA about 8 years ago and wanted to find some type of creative outlet. I always appreciated and was interested in photography, but had no real experience with it other than using those disposable cameras with my friends at school. My first camera I bought was a Canon rebel and taught myself everything I could from that camera. I became completely enamored with photography & all I wanted was to keep getting better, so 4 different cameras and years of learning from mistakes - here I am today.

How has living in Los Angeles inspired your approach in choosing what to photograph?

Being a photographer in LA whether it be just a hobby or profession is very common. It is an extremely competitive industry that can be difficult to stand out in, however this city motivated me to go after my dreams because this is the city that makes dreams come true. It can be challenging to constantly find unique and different spots to shoot, so when I am shooting a typical or well-known place, I try to always give it a fresh perspective and different point of view.

Photography has allowed you to travel all around the world. Is there a city that surprised you with what it had to offer you as a photographer and artist?

Traveling is one of the most rewarding perks of being a photographer. Every time I am able to go explore and shoot somewhere new is where I feel the most inspired. When I have my camera in my hand, out of my comfort zone and in a completely new environment it’s an adrenaline high. It forces me to change my perspective and I love that. This past year I went to Vancouver Canada for the first time and it exceeded all of my expectations and then some.

 We've recently launched the ‘Premium Classic Biker: LA’ leather jacket, featuring your photograph in the lining. What is it that drew you to this collaboration?

How could I not want to collaborate with you! The very first email I received I had to re-read it a few times just to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting anything! I’ve been a huge fan of the brand long before this collaboration happened. I love the style, quality and design of their jackets and couldn’t be more proud than to have my work and name on one.

What inspired the photograph that lines the inside of the jacket?

There are so many symbolic images that people associate when they think about LA. Some think of the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier or the stars on the Blvd. For me, it’s the palm lined streets of LA conjoined with a vibrant sunset. I have this magnetic pull towards finding these streets and shooting them. Before I selected which image I wanted to use, I knew that it had to be one that exemplified my style as a photographer, the urban beauty of this city and a symbolic image that is unmistakably LA.

What gets you most excited about the future of photography? Is there anything you’re hoping to see more of?

I am excited about how fast the development of new technology and software is progressing. This year all of the camera companies are producing and putting out mirrorless cameras which has been creating a lot of hype and competition for cameras. I am a faithful canon photographer and have no intention of switching so I am eager to see what they come out with soon!

Lastly, what’s one piece of advice you want to offer any photographer who may be having trouble finding their path?

I think it’s important to view photography as a marathon not a race. Being a successful photographer isn’t about one big event that puts you at the top, its a series of little successes and the relentless ambition and pursuit to becoming better. It is just as important to not let compliments or criticism get to the best of you.

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