Our Three-In-One Puffers: Vanquish, Abyss And Ravine Noir

Our Three-In-One Puffers: Vanquish, Abyss And Ravine Noir

Three-In-One: Our Vanquish, Abyss and Ravine Noir Puffers Are The Key To Ultimate Warmth And Versatility

Owning versatile items when stepping into the abyss is one of the most important things when tackling the unknown. Being prepared to take on high altitude winds, or even the odd gust of winter breezes on the morning commute to work, the cosiness of a reliable puffer is arguably unmatched in the world preventing scrunched-up faces and the painful “ooh” when a burst of winter-harshness pushes past you.  

The latest puffer collections of the men's reflective Vanquish and Abyss Noir, and women's reflective Vanquish and Ravine Noir are the next steps into the new age of BODA SKINS.

It's not often you find a jacket that prepares you for anything, but the new puffer collection at BODA SKINS has been designed with functionality in mind, keeping you ready for anything that may come your way.

A water-resistant finish tops off the outer, constructed from robust 2.5 layers, right from lamination, polyester, to the membrane backing layer - promising a big no-no on wet clothes under the coat. 

Ensuring that this puffer is the warmest one ever to come from the BODA ranks, the jacket’s insulation has been covered by one of the leading garment insulation companies, Thermore, who have integrated their Ecodown Fibre 2.0. This is leading as their most advanced insulation yet and stands as the technology that is constructed by 100% recycled plastic bottles, certifying that all greenhouse gases are steered away from in the making of the garment. 

Other technical elements are kept environmentally-sustainable, too, with the lining being made from 100% recycled regenerative nylon as well as 100% Italian lambs leather being used for the leather trims and the iconic BODA SKINS branding patch, which can be spotted on the arm. Other branding points can be spotted on the lower-back panels, designed with a reflective effect.  





The latest BODA SKINS puffer collection is now available in all sizes for all the men, and women out there.  

It's time to be ready, for anything.

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