The Return Of The Puffer Jacket: BODA Welcomes Back A Fan Favourite

The Return Of The Puffer Jacket: BODA Welcomes Back A Fan Favourite

There was once a story that stated that the puffer jacket made a return; we say it never left. The puffer jacket is a true icon of 80’s fashion (see our “History of the Puffer Jacket blog for more context), with the first puffer coming from the English-American adventurer, Eddie Bauer, who came up with the style soon after he nearly died of hypothermia on a fishing trip.

Eddie’s contribution to what is now a timeless trend has shaped the way we battle the winter elements forever. The BODA SKINS collection of puffer jackets nods to these perilous beginnings, with our Abyss Noir, Ravine Noir, and Vanquish silhouettes making a comeback after their popularity from our Libertatem collection left you thirsty for more as we come towards the winter season in the UK.

Now, as the puffer jacket season comes back into fruition, we wanted to remind you of what makes these jackets the perfect addition to your winter wardrobes. You see, the BODA SKINS puffers are made from the most sustainable fabrications on the planet; its GRS certification gives you the green flag to ensure that you’re doing your bit to help make the planet a cleaner place. 

The real selling point here is this… Our puffer jackets are 3 styles in 1, and can be worn as a gilet jacket. With its detachable sleeves and hood being easily removable, it gives you one of the most adaptable jackets to wear, no matter what the conditions. Keeping you prepared for any ultimatum, the puffer’s aluminium thermal foil lining ensures that body temperature is consistently maintained. 

The insulation in these puffer jackets is also the most advanced we’ve ever had here at BODA. Using +500 FP Thermore’s Ecodown Fibre 2.0 (a mouthful, we know), this innovative technology is constructed by 100% recycled plastic bottles that are melted and spun into new fibers, creating thermal insulation that is designed to allow maximum loft and volume without compromising durability. 

Keeping plastic out of the oceans, and straight back into the BODA SKINS garments, each puffer features propriety technology, integrated to naturally evaporate excess warmth - so don’t worry about overheating.