The Hunna

The Hunna

After touring the world and playing some of their biggest venue's to date, we got a chance to speak to The Hunna's lead guitarist, BD (Daniel Dorney).


Tell us a bit about how you got into the music scene? 

Tino & I met on a music practice course at West Herts college when we were 16 and decided to start a band together. Not long after that we asked IK to try out and join, which led to Jack asking Junate to join. From there The Hunna was born. We took a year out to write and find ourselves representation. Once we had all of that in place we then recorded our best tracks, released EP’s and hit the road. Since then we’ve toured the world including major festivals, released two albums and soon to release our third. 


2. What does Manchester as a city mean to you?

Manchester is our second home without a doubt. My older sister Kerry studied at Manchester Met and is now married and living there permanently. It was her who let us spend weekends there from an early age so we could get to know what it’s all about. Also our fans from Manchester have always been so good to us... the shows always sell out and they always bring a fire atmosphere to the room. One of the loudest crowds going in the UK for sure. Lots of love for Manchester. 


3. Are there any cities you've fallen in love with while travelling? 

We toured globally last year and fell in love with so many cities so it’s tough to pick but some of my personal favourites are; Melbourne and Perth- Australia, Vienna- Austria and Berlin- Germany.


4. Aside from you BODA, what are your wardrobe essentials you take on the road with you?

Doc Martens

T.U.K Creepers

Adidas Trainers

Twisted Taylor Suits

Great Frog Jewellery 

Levi Jeans


Daniel is wearing our sold out Kay Michaels Gold hardware

Photographed by Harris Nukum







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