Steve Cook's Kay Michaels: V Fit... How Has The KM Really Changed?

Steve Cook's Kay Michaels: V Fit... How Has The KM Really Changed?

BODA SKINS has always lived to evolve. As we continue to improve our best styles throughout our collection, the bar has never been higher when it comes to crafting only top-quality jackets, designed to last a lifetime. 

As you will know by now, our Kay Michaels leather jacket has been the most integral member of the BODA collection. In fact, it was this very jacket that opened the doors to a worldwide appeal for fans on the hunt for the best-in-class leather. “The creative process of Kay Michaels has now set the standard of how everything at BODA is produced,” our CEO and owner, Nathan Alexander tells us. 

But now, BODA SKINS has just announced a brand new collaboration with fitness and online sensation, Steve Cook, to create the latest version of our most iconic jacket. We understand that sometimes, it can be difficult to really understand every single detail that we change when we revisit styles that already seem perfect. But, Steve Cook’s Kay Michaels: ‘V’ Fit, is no regular Kay Michaels. 

Reengineered to create the ultimate fit, the Kay Michaels: ‘V’ fit has been specifically designed to fit your physique to a new level, while continuing to maintain the level of comfort that has been associated with Kay Michaels since its original release over a decade ago. While being purposely sculptured with articulation and technical stretch leather, it has been designed to contour around your build, no matter your size. The jacket has the perfect ‘V’ shape silhouette and has been crafted from 100% chrome-free lambs leather. 

But with this being said, we want to give you more. We feel that you deserve to know what goes on behind the scenes some more, and we think it’s only fair for you to really know the difference between the regular Kay Michaels and our Kay Michaels: V Fit… Read below for the full scoop.

The BODA SKINS x Steve Cook Kay Michaels: V Fit has been completely reengineered to create a new shape 

In order to create a jacket that is designed to mould to the shape of your body is not an easy task. Of course, any BODA SKINS jacket becomes a second skin, but when it comes to contouring a more muscular build, it takes a more technical eye to make sure the jacket functions how the wearer wants it to. So in order to give that added bit of room, we have added an extra 5% of room that creates more space for movement and comfortability. This added space for the wearer is also partnered with new stretch leather that gives more room for overall movement. 

Kay Michaels: V Fit is the only leather jacket in the BODA SKINS collection that gives you optimal stretch 

This jacket is the very first of its kind. As we have mentioned, this version of Kay Michaels has been crafted with retractable stretch leather, meaning the jacket in general gives twice as much stretch as a regular leather jacket from BODA SKINS. With this being said, this unique style of leather is designed to enhance movement, flexibility and the overall fit of the jacket. So, when it comes to wearing a jacket as a bigger-set fellow, you will have much more movement to do your day-to-day activities with ease. However, you can also wear this jacket with a slimmer physique; it will just feel much softer and comfortable than your regular KM. 

The sleeves are created for the biceps…

Of course, when collaborating with a fitness star like Steve Cook, we have to make sure we are looking after the biceps. As mentioned, this jacket gives added room for movement and comfort, and it has been ensured that the arms abide by this more than anywhere else. Through adding 3% more room onto the biceps, elbows and forearms than a regular Kay Michaels, the technical leather sleeve panels have focused articulation that allows for more freedom and movement. 

Hello, action back

Giving more room to the back of the Kay Michaels: V Fit, this innovative action back leather jacket has introduced new back action panels and a 5% increase in the room on the shoulders. This has been done through adding elasticated ribbed paneling for enhanced shoulder and back movement. Rounding up the most innovative stretch leather, we saw increasing size of the back of the jacket as an integral part of making this jacket universally brilliant; the back is where the full-body movements come from, so with this being said, we wanted to make sure that you can be ready for anything at any time.