Introducing the Cafe Racer

Introducing the Cafe Racer

Jumping Into The Archives: Introducing Our Cafe Racer

Every once in a while, here at BODA SKINS, we look back into the archives and enjoy the brilliance we once released. During a recent stint of nostalgia, we wanted to jump back into our brand DNA. 

The BODA SKINS volt can be a dark place from time to time, but when we looked deep enough, we stumbled upon an old friend… re-introducing the Cafe Racer, formally known at The Royale. This is one jacket the BODA family has had a long-standing relationship with, but for some reason, this prized jacket hasn’t quite had the attention it deserves. 

Our long-lasting relationship with this jacket is moving to the next level.

After looking at The Royale - now called the Cafe Racer - we thought, hold on… This jacket is pretty damn perfect.  

Moving into the spring and summer seasons now, our Cafe Racer is designed to be followed by the sun.  Its refined details offer a streamlined look, while the articulated seam detailing on the body allows for added reinforcements. 

Extra padding can be spotted on the sleeves and elbows, with a stand collar with stud closure tying the whole piece together. 

The Cafe Racer is lined with premium cotton stretch, along with two internal pockets that facilitate all phones and cardholders. This jacket is one we want you to love as much as we do. It’s time to level up, lets Cafe Racer.

But, wait, you thought we forgot? We understand that with every great jacket, a tee needs to compliement it. Don't worry, we've got that covered, too. 

Whether you want to dress your Cafe Racer up, or down, we want to suggest that you partner your jacket up with our 220 tee. Constructed from 100% organic cotton, our tees are GOTS certified. These tees are, in our opinion, the best quality on the market today, so why not partner up with your Cafe Racer?

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