GOING DEEPER: presents British Auto Racing driver and champion Oliver Webb. Born in Manchester, Oliver began at a young age. Since those early days, he’s been a regular podium finisher, race victor and Championship winner.

Off track, Webb is a highly trained athlete, supercar driver coach, film-maker, triathlete and has a passion for the extreme side of sport. Not only is Webb a Guinness World Record holder, he is also a Charity Ambassador, Sports Commentator and Presenter, just to name a few of Oli's partakes outside of racing. To top it all off, Oliver has contributed to the filming and stunt work of some huge films such as The Mummy, Mission Impossible and Men in Black.

We sat down to discuss motivation, travel and of course what led Oliver to the career that would enable him to live a life that most guys dream of.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you go into the car industry? Who was it that introduced you to the racing world first? 
I actually got into it purely through coincidence just going to a karting party when I was a kid and I got hooked at the age of 11. I had no family links to motorsport or through friends so I got lucky to find my passion!

You started your racing career almost 20 year ago now in karting. What was the dream when you first started racing - who inspired you to pursue it as a career?
I was always a huge Schumacher fan! The Ferrari colours and F1 sounds of the day really pushed me into being obsessed with Formula 1 and being at the top level of racing.

Motorsport has taken you to some pretty incredible places all over the world - what's been your favourite place to visit and why?
I love Japan so much. So clean, the people are so nice and the vibe I get every time I land is incredible. I also love the USA and Australia but all for different reasons. I love travelling so much and cant wait to visit every corner of the world!

Oli, you're a Karting Champion, Formula BMW Scholarship winner, Formula 3 competitor, European Le Mans series Champion, Dubai 24 Hour Champion... What's your biggest professional achievement to date, what are you most proud of?
I think standing on the Le Mans podium or becoming European Le Mans Champion gave me the most pride in my motorsport career. I loved 2014 so much and also my year racing for Mercedes in Formula 3 in 2010. That was a very competitive year for me with most the grid bering F1, Indycar or WEC competitors now like me.

Being a racer you have to have a strong will to win and take risks, do you think this is something you can learn and what sort of things do you do to keep motivated?
I think the will to win is natural and a competitive edge. I think if you don't have it you can't learn that skill, however I do think can be taught. You can always be born with an edge however. I keep myself very motivated by training physically and getting out on track whenever I can. I feel very lucky to do what I do and I never want to stop.

You're originally from Manchester, but where is home to you now? Do you ever get home sick and how do you deal with this if so?
I live in Cheshire now. I only just moved out of Manchester last year. I do get home sick now, especially now that I have a fiancé, however before that I would miss my family, but still love being away. Being home becomes more and more additive now to me.

What does the future hold for Oli Webb? What are you looking at moving into and achieving? 
I think it won't be long before I move out to LA again. I loved living in America in the past and if I can find more racing work out in the USA, then I'm there! I want to continue to strive to win Championships in the endurance leagues around the world.


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