BODA'S Battle Of The Leathers: Voyager Vs. Premium Classic Biker

BODA'S Battle Of The Leathers: Voyager Vs. Premium Classic Biker

We all love a bit of friendly competition from time to time, we’re partial to some here at BODA HQ, too. The question is always thrown all over our studio here in Manchester: what leather reigns supreme at BODA SKINS?

Well… Now’s the time to find out. Over the next few weeks, we will be collaborating with you guys, to find the best leather to come from our ranks. Although, of course, we understand that this whole competition is based on personal preference.

For the first round of ‘Battle of the Leathers’, we wanted to put two of our proudest fan-favourites to the test. Entering the Voyager and Premium Classic Biker. As two of our most minimalistic styles, our Voyager and Premium Classic Biker both strive to add a slice of comfortability to the biker-streetwear world. For sure, they both hold their fair share of action and popularity with the BODA family, but which one has come out on top?

Queue the cards… Each statistic has been averaged from your recent interactions that we received on our Instagram account (@BODASKINS, in case you’re still not following us…)  after announcing the bout. Be sure to let us know if you agree, and keep your eyes peeled for the next ‘Battle of the Leathers’.

Now, we understand that there’s a few talking points to be explained here:

Protection from the elements: 

This is a rating you need to play close attention to. You know by now, that our jackets have been designed to last a lifetime. So, with this in mind, we need to ensure that your leather protects you against wind, snow and rain. The Voyager takes the win here, so buckle up with this one when you’re tackling the elements!


Wearing a badass jacket is an unmatched feeling. Our jackets have serious edge, we know that, but when it comes to our Premium Classic Biker, not many come close. We recently installed a state of the art attitude meter for our jackets and in this head-to-head, the Premium Classic Biker came out on top. The Voyager embodies a cleaner look between the two here, with the rugged edge of the Biker taking the W on the attitude scale. You can’t argue with science...

BODA’s Final Word:

"We pitched our two most iconic biker jackets against each other for a reason: we wanted to see how the new kid on the block, Voyager, would stand against a BODA icon. They’re so similar in many ways but for us, we have to give it to the Premium Classic Biker, it has a place in our hearts - its effortless silhouette and details on the waist get us every time."

Do you agree with BODA's winner? Let us know.

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