BODA's Battle Of The Leathers: Jaws Vs. BODA Trench

BODA's Battle Of The Leathers: Jaws Vs. BODA Trench

The time has come once again for a bit of friendly competition. You see, we love all of our jackets here at BODA SKINS, but sometimes, the clashes of the titans really do make for some really cool content… In our latest instalment of ‘Battle of the Leathers’ we saw our Classic Biker Winter go head-to-head with our legendary Cafe Racer. It was a close battle, but you, the BODA fam, picked the Cafe Racer as the overall winner.

Now, it’s time for round 3. This time, we’re bringing the ladies into the fold. A lot of the time, our jackets are completely versatile and unisex, with only a very few number of our items being strictly for the men or women. But now, we’re bringing in the BODA Trench as it goes against the fan-favourite, Jaws.

If you’re unfamiliar with this competition, we will stand the jackets against each other as their own unique stats battle it out to see which jacket will come out on top. These statistics have been averaged out from the BODA SKINS Instagram (@BODASKINS) followers… But, don’t worry, if you don’t personally agree with the outcome, that’s okay - it’s all based on personal preference.

Now, queue the cards… Be sure to let us know what you think of the overall result and keep your eyes out for the next ‘Battle of the Leathers’.

For some added clarity, here’s some intel on what some of the stats mean.

Style rating: 

Now, this one seems pretty self-explanatory, but for some extra pointers on what this means, it is for what the voters believe is the best looking jacket overall. When it comes to having the perfect jacket, the style is of course what catches our attention first. The voters tipped the Jaws to take the win on this one… It’s a close one, though.

Protection from the Elements: 

This is a rating you need to play close attention to. You know by now, that our jackets have been designed to last a lifetime. So, with this in mind, we need to ensure that your leather protects you against wind, snow and rain. The BODA Trench takes the win here, so buckle up with this one when you’re tackling the elements!


BODA’s final word:

Two very different leathers with two very different attitudes. When we look over the stats it's clear to see where the BODA families allegiance is. As much as the BODA Trench protects you from the more unfavourable weather conditions, the Jaws brings versatility that can be worn for all seasons of the year.

Our Jaws takes the win here.