BODA SKINS' Perfect Fits For Life On Your E-Bike

BODA SKINS' Perfect Fits For Life On Your E-Bike

The world has begun to enter a new age of mobility. The e-bike industry has now been tipped to become the most popular form of inner-city transport for 2021.

Policymakers and urban planners have been speaking of a new era of city mobility, one in which bicycles will become an urban-planning priority. The UK transport secretary has announced exciting plans, ones that strive to make cycling part of a £2bn ‘active travel’ campaign. 

We're not the only ones who are looking forward to the future of the e-bikes either. Carlton Reid of Forbes said: "Europeans are expected to buy an extra 10 million bikes per year by 2030," this is 47% more than the annual number of 2019... Crazy, right?

The plans have excited us here at BODA HQ, and even more so, the e-bike is expected to take over all major cities across the planet by summer 2025. With this in mind, we wanted to look into some of the cleanest looks that e-bike cruisers can wear under the city lights. It’s time to look cool while riding the streets.

Let's take a look into BODA's best picks:


Our best-selling Kay Michaels Biker Protection is one jacket we would highly recommend for your e-bike travels.

The world-famous leather now has CE-approved protective reinforcement around the elbows, shoulders, and back, ensuring that you’re protected from all the possible elements. Zips have also been included, allowing for extra room for more layering. Additionally, the interior is lined with premium satin, as well as two internal pockets for a phone and cardholder. 

This Kay Michaels has been contstructed from premium leathers from our world-class artisan mills. This jacket has always been designed for the daring bikers out there, now it's time for the old-timer to join the new kids on the block, electronically.


When looking for the perfect footwear to wear for your cross-city journey, The Last Conspiracy MAGNE Trento’s are the ones you need. This footwear brand sets out to provide quality artisan footwear, designed to stand the test of time - you can see why we get along so well!

Their essential footwear is designed with a proud, artistic post-modern legacy. Our selected boots here are designed with patience and willfulness to create the perfect leather boot to last a lifetime.


When the time comes where you have to add an extra layer for protection from the stronger winds during your commute, we would recommend adding a 530 Stone Wash Hoodie to wear under your Kay Michaels... There's a reason GQ ranked this as one of their favourite items under £250.

Handmade from 100% certified organic cotton, this hoodie has been brought in to effortlessly combine comfort, style and sustainability. This high quality hoodie has American loop-back fleece interior for extra comfort and added warmth. Keeping the hoodie looking fresh, each garment has been through a rigorous washing process that ensures that it never comes across any surprise shrinkage.

Add the 530 Stone Wash hoodie to your e-commute and tick all the boxes for the ultimate outfit.

Bell 2020 Cruiser Bullitt Carbon Helmet Carbon Matte

When traveling on your e-bike or e-scooter, a top-quality helmet will always be needed to keep you safe - it’s even better when it looks the part, too.

Introducing the Bullitt helmet. Constructed from carbon fibre, the Bullitt is designed to slot neatly into the burgeoning new genre of biking helmets that are built with modern materials and methods tied in with vintage design cues. 

The Bullitt helmet is ECE-approved and includes accessory shields for a more personalised look. The helmet also includes composite carbon shell, contoured cheek pads, and integrated speaker pockets. We love Bullitt helmets here at BODA HQ, and would for sure recommend them for your inner-city commute.

So, there we have it. Our perfect e-bike look for your next journey. Riding e-bikes and scooters is important to us: as much as theyre awesome, they're incredibly sustainable. So let's help the world together.

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