BODA SKINS To Design Kay Michaels X For Elon Musk

BODA SKINS To Design Kay Michaels X For Elon Musk

BODA SKINS To Create 'Kay Michaels X' For Elon Musks' Next Venture To The Moon

After tesla-owner + entrepreneur, Elon Musk showcased the release of his SpaceX collection, the world stood in awe of the latest NASA-wearing capsule that was to be witnessed and admired by millions in their latest journey to the stars. 

Following months of back-and-forths, the BODA SKINS team came into contact with Musk's wider-team with the idea of designing the next collection of space attire ready for SpaceX's journey to the moon 2022, and by all surprise, an agreement was made for BODA SKINS to design the 'Kay Michaels X': a play on BODA's world-famous leather jacket with space protection. 

 Jack Dyson, BODA SKINS Global Brand Manager said: "When we heard about the opportunity to get one of our leathers on the moon it was a no-brainer for us to get involved. We already have the most famous leather on planet Earth in the Kay Michaels, so why not send it into orbit?!" 

 A spokesperson for Tesla said: "We saw an opportunity for fashion to be merged with an industry that would never be expected. After Elon's 'Space X' collection was launched, Elon found a new interest in the fashion world and wanted to take it to the next level. BODA SKINS pride themselves on being the best at what they do, so we took a risk and put our trust into them to create something astronomical." 

 The Kay Michaels X is still under construction and a casual version of the jacket is expected to be sold as official merchandise closer to the 2022 launch to the moon. The first images of the Kay Michaels X will be released next week.

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