Following months of throwing ideas back and forth, testing, retesting & perfecting, we’re finally ready to unveil our latest collaboration with the fearless cityscape photographer, Misshattan. We’ve dipped our toes in the collaborative pool before, but this time, we’re making the finished creation completely exclusive to the proud residents of NYC. With our eagerly anticipated jacket launch currently underway alongside our old-time friends at the W – Union Square, we stopped to chat to Natalie, AKA Misshattan, about quitting her job, hanging out of helicopters and of course, the birth of our limited edition BODA SKINS x Misshattan jacket.


The launch of our BODA x Misshattan jacket has finally arrived and fittingly, is taking place in one of New York’s coolest hotels, W Union Square. We’ve always had a great relationship with our clients here in New York, but what is it that you find particularly fascinating and inspiring about NYC?

The most fascinating and inspiring thing about NYC is the energy. The moment you walk through the streets of New York, you can’t help but feel alive. It’s a spark that you rarely experience anywhere else.

Tell us a bit about the image that appears on the lining of our collaborative jacket, and why you’ve chosen this shot for the final piece?

This picture is one of my favourites. I have a massive 60 x 40 acrylic glass print hanging on my living room wall. I look at it every single day and never get tired of it. Its like the energy from the city bleeds through the photo and I could feel it at home. For this collaboration, I wanted to share that same feeling of energy to the people who get to own and wear this jacket.

You specialise in taking perfectly composed aerial images from dizzying heights that most of us wouldn’t dare reach. Is there any occasion in particular that you felt genuine fear trying the get the shot?

Its like I have my very own superpower when holding a camera and I become fearless. Truth be told, heights do scare me in a sense. Having a camera in my hand shifts any thoughts of fear into focus for creating an amazing photo. I have many stories of scary flight missions; from heavy rain in open door choppers to the engine stopping mid flight in Morocco. I try to let go of these experiences and focus on the photography. Maybe one day, i’ll come to my senses - haha!

Other than New York, what else inspires you?

The creative minds that I get to meet inspire me. Everyone has their drive and passion and it’s an amazing thing to witness, it’s also very contagious. You can’t help but feel inspired to turn your dreams into reality.

We love your story of corporate life to freelance creative; it takes guts to make that leap. As a woman who packed in her job in finance to pursue her passion, what would you say to those who feel trapped in their 9-5’s?

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. If you want something bad enough, YOU WILL GET IT. No excuses, only drive. I didn’t know I was going to have the courage to leave my job. I was shooting relentlessly because it was my passion and with enough hard work, I was about to live my dream - full time!

On the subject of making dreams happen, what is next on the Misshattan bucket list?

There are two things I’ve really wanted to focus on - the Misshattan YouTube channel and a clothing line. It’s exciting yet scary to work on new unfamiliar projects but I can’t wait to share them with the world!

The BODA SKINS x Misshattan jacket is something we are hugely proud of and we’ve loved every minute of working alongside you! How have you found the process of merging your art with an exclusive fashion piece? Are you as happy with the finished jacket as we are?

I am SO HAPPY with this collaboration. I have been a huge fan of BODA SKINS from the moment I put on one of your jackets, and I couldn’t be more proud of how our jacket turned out. The process of creating this exclusive piece has been nothing but fun. I couldn’t be more excited about this project! It is truly a piece of (wearable) art.