Transitional Items For The Winter-Spring Crossover

Transitional Items For The Winter-Spring Crossover

BODA SKINS' Transitional Essentials For The Winter-Spring Crossover

The time of confusion has now hit… Especially here in the UK. We know the BODA Family stretches globally, but here in our home city of Manchester, England, the transition from Winter to Spring can be tough to predict.  

One day we’re sitting in our shorts, loving life, taking on the world. The next day, we’re aimlessly watching the heavens open wondering where it all went wrong, wishing we’d have worn our loyal Kay Michaels.  

But hey, come on. Have we ever let you down? We’ve got you covered, whatever weather comes our way over this strange transitional period. Here are some of our favourite seasonally-transitional items from our latest collection that will see you through.

The puffer coat is a staple figure in the history of luxury fashion, and its not stopping any time soon.

Voyager Shearling 

The Voyager Shearling is an evolution of one of our favourite leathers here at BODA HQ. 

Handcrafted from premium sheepskin and backed with the highest quality, premium shearling on the collar and front lapels, this biker jacket is ready for action, come rain or shine.  

We see this leather jacket as one of the most ideal items from our leather collection to keep you cosy when cold, and comfortably cool when the sunshine is out. Our shearling is known for its comfortability, so when you’re out with friends during the day, and through into the night, our Voyager Shearling is the perfect piece to keep you looking your best, for as long as you need. 

This is our answer to biker-streetwear, combined with a luxury edge that is designed to last a lifetime.

530 Washed Stone Grey Hoodie

When the time comes to keep things 'easy like a Sunday morning', you need to look no further than our 530 Stone Washed Grey Hoodie.

We've all Been there, needing to run to the store for those breakfast essentials when there's a brisk breeze standing in your way. But, the 530 collection is designed to keep you looking fresh, while protected against the in-between weathers that the Winter/Spring transitions can bring.

BODA’s Global Brand Manager, Jack Dyson, said: “Our new 530 collection, or ‘Unders’ as we call them are the perfect way to look like you’ve made an effort when really you’ve just rolled off the sofa.” Throw on your favourite leather over the top and you’re ready to take on the day no matter the weather.’ 

Handmade from 100% certified organic cotton, the 530 collection effortlessly combines comfort, style, and sustainability. 

At 530gms, this jersey has an American loopback fleece interior for extra comfort and warmth.  To keep your hoodie looking fresh, each garment has been through a rigorous washing process to prevent shrinkage, along with a promise that the neckline does not lose shape over time. Your hoodie will never need to be replaced!

4-in-1 Ravine Noir + Abyss Noir Puffer Jackets

We understand that the sunshine can be deceiving sometimes, but we’ve made sure we never have to be unprepared ever again. Stick with us on this one... Our new Ravine Noir and Abyss Noir puffer jackets are the most sustainable jackets in the BODA ranks. 

They can be worn as a full puffer when times are colder and that Springtime drizzle makes an appearance. But, when the sun is shining, and you still need something to tie you over, both Ravine and Abyss have the ability to remove their hoods and sleeves, creating a fully-functioning gilet. Now that... is what we call transitional. 


Kay Michaels Boyfriend Fit

An oversized fit is a perfect fit for ultimate comfortability. Every woman has experienced wearing a men’s jacket at some point in their lives and let’s be honest, girls, there’s no better feeling than stealing your other half's clothes to feel extra protected, right? 

So, to keep that cosiness forever, we’ve introduced a new boyfriend fit style to our iconic, Kay Michaels leather.  Jack adds, ‘Keeping things stylish, yet campfire-ready, the Kay Michaels Boyfriend Fit embodies everything that is perfect about the Kay Michaels but in a looser fit. 

We’ve seen a real desire from our female following for more ‘oversized’ styles so it made sense to start with the leather that has made us into the brand we are today.’ You'll never have to look to borrow a jacket ever again...but you can still ‘borrow’ his hoodies. 

Adour Mohair Scarf

Accessories are one of the most important features of making an outfit stand out. But sometimes, an accessory is more than that. In fact, before we all became fashion icons most accessories were actually used for functional purposes only… We know right, madness. 

Imagine wearing a beanie because it’s actually cold outside. We know there are times when it’s too cold for just a thin scarf or set of gloves, but too warm for a big jacket. 

Hello, this is a transitional feature after all! Our new Mohair Adour scarf is designed to eradicate this problem, while still looking effortlessly cool.  Mohair is one of the most regal fibres on the planet, it pays homage to South African Angora goats. 

They’re acclimated to the most extreme of hot summers and the coldest of winters, meaning you can wear this scarf during any temperature life throws at you. Seriously, thank us later with this one.

BODA Trench

Ladies, another one for you here. Our BODA Trench has been designed with functionality in mind. It’s constructed with the same world-class leather that you all love, but its thickness means it can be worn for the warmer, and colder days of the seasonal transition.

It’s so important to own items that we feel stylish in, even when we’re wearing them for functional reasons. The BODA Trench is suited to fit those occasions when you want to make a bit of a fashion statement, but can also be thrown over any other item when running the most casual of errands.  

Versatility is always the key to making any investment purchase, so we wanted to ensure we always have you covered.

Oilers Varsity

Finally, here’s one to keep things warm, light and versatile. Our Oilers Varsity is a smart-casual number that can keep you looking well put together during the most testing of conditions.  

‘This is one item we’re extremely proud of here at BODA HQ and is a personal favourite of mine from the new Libertatum Collection - no matter the conditions, this is a jacket made for action. Styled with one of our 220 tees for a casual Spring vibe or layer up with a classic roll neck or sweater for a more seasoned look, the Varsity has really got the BODA family excited this year," says Jack. 

The Oilers Varsity holds functional pocket detailing and embodies a silhouette that is designed to take on cold harshness but can also adapt to warmer conditions. 

We see this jacket as a subtle piece that also stands out from the crowd. The dark colourway makes it a transferable item that can be worn for smarter occasions and also weekend strolls.


So... There we have it. BODA SKINS' perfect picks for the Winter-Spring crossover. We want to embed versatility, functionality and style. We hope you can take our pointers and choose your items that are designed to last a lifetime.