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Under the Skins: About

Manchester born. Internationally cool. We’re on an adventure to make the best leather jackets in the world. Pieces that are made with love and designed to last a lifetime. Find out more >

Under the Skins: BODA Beliefs

We strive for excellence in everything we do. From the sourcing of materials and meticulous refinement of our designs, to the way we treat our favourite people. And if you love BODA, that includes you. Find out more >

Under the Skins: Nathan’s Story

Meet Nathan. He’s the heart and soul of BODA SKINS. His love affair with leather and absolute dedication to leather jacket perfection is what inspires us to do what we do. We think you’ll like him. Find out more >

USA Launch Party

Introducing the US House of BODA! Shipping US orders from Colorado with FedEx.

Summer Skin, Malibu

Summers in Malibu.

Boda Skins x Alexander DeLeon

Adventures in the Almafi Coast with Alexander DeLeon & Justin Clough.

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