Duties and Taxes: We've Got Your Back

Duties and Taxes: We've Got Your Back

Duties And Taxes: BODA SKINS Has Your Back

We know, we know, duties and taxes are a pain! Unexpected fees that land on your doorstep can really take you by surprise and make you rethink your order. We never want you to doubt buying from BODA, so, if you are ordering from the UK, USA or Canada - we have got you covered. We will be covering all duty and tax charges for you - you're welcome.

This is now it's BODA's chance to give back.

Through covering all additional charges that may come from ordering from Canada, and the US, we see this as our way of saying thank you.

We wanted to give back to the people that have given so much to us, so no matter what happens, we've got you.

So, as additional charges for items from the UK have started to toll up, we'll ensure that you pay for your BODA item, and nothing else - we'll take care of the other stuff.

Glyn Jones, BODA SKINS' Head of Operations said: "There has been some challenging hurdles we've had to face in regards to exporting products to our clients outside of the UK.

"But, overall, BODA SKINS has dealt well with the whole situation, and we're glad we've been able to turn something negative into a chance to help the people who support us.

"Being able to cover all of our clients tax and duty charges is a wonderful feeling, it feels fantastic to be able to give back."

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