A Guide to BODA SKINS Luxe Leathers

A Guide to BODA SKINS Luxe Leathers

When searching for a quality leather jacket, you really are spoilt for choice, but knowing which are worth your investment can be difficult, especially if you’re yet to step foot into the wide world of leather. 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed at the variety of textures, finishes, durability and technologies that make our leather range state of the art quality. 

Whether it’s your first time investing in a leather jacket, or you can never have enough, we’ve made this guide to BODA SKINS luxe leathers so you can seamlessly find the perfect leather jacket to suit your character and style. This way, you can get it right the first time.


Cow grain leather is one of the most desirable leathers, but why? Not only is it incredibly durable, but it’s resistant to heat, dirt and moisture, taking versatility to new heights. 

Our Hendrix and Cropped Biker, made from 100% cow grain leather, are super supple making them easy to compliment your wardrobe and layer over your everyday uniform. You’ll notice they feature a unique grainy surface and texture, enhancing their strikingly edgy appearance. 

Being 1-1.1mm thick, our cow grain leather pieces are extremely robust, so choose wisely, we’re not lying when we say they last a lifetime. 


When cared for with love, our polished lambs leather styles such as the Trench 2.0 and Voyager, can be cherished for decades. Thanks to the suppleness of the polished lambs leather, these styles are extremely comfortable without compromising on durability. With this leather, we have achieved a luxuriously lightweight finish that effortlessly adds style and sophistication layered over any look. 

Make sure to check out our product care guide to get the most wear out of your BODA here.


Buttery smooth Lambs leather makes up our most iconic biker styles, the Kay Michaels, the Alexander and Cafe Racer. Creating a natural matte surface, this supple leather sets itself apart from other luxury leathers with its pristine appearance. In comparison to cow grain leather, lambs leather is incredibly lightweight, and being only 0.5mm thick our lambs leather jackets can be your go-to all year round. 


The deep-coloured burnt red and burnt blue Kay Michaels leather jackets have probably caught your eye when browsing through the BODA SKINS collection. Made from the same silky soft lambs leather as the classic Kay Michaels, we have achieved rich red and blue tones through a process of hand treating the leather with natural materials to maintain its quality, density and texture. A rustic antique waxy finish has been applied to the seams, enhancing the authentic and distinctive character of the Kay Michaels.


Last but by no means least, we have technical stretch lambs leather. We recently introduced this unique and durable leather to BODA SKINS with two new additions to our range, the Kay Michaels Stretch Leggings and Kay Michaels: ‘V’ Fit. 

As we continuously develop and build our leather range, we don’t compromise on quality. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as we strive to implement new and innovative technologies that’ll deliver satisfaction all round. What’s brilliant about technical stretch lambs leather is that it has a retractable stretch quality, allowing our ‘V’ fit to effortlessly contour around your physique and leggings to elegantly mold to your curves without losing their shape. This leather captures 2x more stretch than our iconic Kay Michaels, to enhance movement, flexibility and fit. 

We hope with this guide you feel a sense of added confidence in finding the perfect BODA jacket for you. If you’d like to find out more about other types of leathers we use, get in touch with our client support team.