Spotted in BODA: Music Edition

Spotted in BODA: Music Edition

BODA SKINS has always been at one with music. From the first superstars spotted in our jackets, to our recent collaboration with Metallica, we have always found a way to tap into the sounds that we love, but in ways much more personal than the speakers that we have playing in the office.

Since the world got back to normality, we have been lucky enough to head to some of the coolest events across the country, using it as a way to spread the word about the BODA SKINS brand, and to also link up with some of the most talented, and worshiped musicians across the globe. We have seen loud guitars, DJ’s, rappers and even the odd comedian. Life has been crazy recently, and we’re blessed that we get to share the stage with some of the most talented people in the world. 

With this being said, we wanted to look into some of the talented people we have bumped into over the last few months, while giving a bit of background behind why we think they’re so awesome. Of course, they’re all spotted in BODA, too, so there’s no doubt that they’re looking how they should!

Wes Nelson, Former Love Island Star, Current Chart-Topping Musician: Wearing Abyss Noir Puffer

Wes Nelson has had a crazy few years. After becoming the nation’s sweetheart during his stint on UK TV sensation, Love Island, the 23-year-old has now become a hugely successful singer/rapper, in his own right. But, please, don’t think he’s taken shortcuts. After his debut single, “See Nobody”, topped the charts in 2020, Nelson then released “Nice To Meet Ya”, featuring Yxng Bane. Now, Wes has a new project on route, and a MOBO nomination under his belt. 

During the time we met Wes at Strawberries and Creem festival in Cambridge, he told us about his struggles to get his hands on BODA SKINS styles before his appearance on Love Island, now life has gone full circle. Catch him here in his Abyss Noir, 3-in-1 puffer. 

Honey Dijon, Music Producer and DJ: Wearing Kay Michaels: Platinum Hardware

Honey Dijon is one of the most sought-after DJs in the world right now. After moving to New York in the late 90’s, it was in the city that never sleeps where her career took off. Her style is powered by synergised effort of disco, house and techno, yet she still manages to make the sound individually brilliant and catered to all.

When linking up with the musician, we spoke about all things music, her experiences in the UK and her relationship with fashion. And it’s clear to see that she is tapped in; see her moments with Nicolas Ghesquière, Owens and Kim Jones that lead to collaborative friendships which came part and parcel with a batch of iconic moments in contemporary fashion. Let’s not forget about her developed soundtracks for Louis Vuitton’s men’s shows, either.

It’s safe to say that it was an honour to meet with her, and here, you can see her sporting her very own Kay Michaels leather.

Denis Sulta, World-Renowned DJ and Producer: Wearing Kay Michaels: Pearl

As a talent that has rapidly emerged as one of the most exciting musicians to come from the ever-fertile Glasgow music scene, Denis Sulta has become a household name, one with a unique sound that has been crafted through his knowledge after working at the internationally known Rubadub record store. Now, the international DJ has released music on influential labels such as Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Numbers and Ninja Tune, before then going onto launch his own imprint, Sulta Selects. But aside from all of the major record labels, he has also been a Mixmag cover-star and has joined the BBC Radio 1 Residency show alongside Jayda G, HAAi, Charlotte de Witte and Saoirse.

Here, Sulta can be seen in his BODA SKINS, Kay Michaels: Pearl leather. It was just a coincidence that the jacket matched his outfit perfectly when we met him, but I guess it goes to show that some things are just meant to be.

Kenny Allstar, Radio 1Xtra DJ, AKA The Voice of the Streets: Wearing Nylon Down Puffer

After also linking up with Kenny Allstar at the Strawberries and Creem festival, it was clear that the DJ and music producer has been looking for the perfect puffer jacket to take him through the winter season.

After he tried on his Nylon Down Puffer from BODA SKINS, Kenny was impressed, saying it “fit like a glove,” and that we had to “talk about this jacket properly.” But aside from repping his favourite BODA SKINS jacket, Kenny Allstar has been a busy guy. Having just finished his latest UK tour, his latest season of Mixtape Madness’ ‘Mad About Bars’ has come back for his latest season, and you can catch the host wearing his Nylon Down puffer there, too. Since meeting up with Kenny in Cambridge, he has since returned to BODA HQ to pick himself up our BODA Varsity. 

To see what Kenny Allstar is up to, you can tune into his BBC Radio 1Xtra show on Friday nights from 9-11pm!

Pa Salieu, BBC Sound of 2021 and BRIT Nominee: Wearing Varsity Onyx

After being a victim of a drive-by shooting in February 2020, Pa Salieu has had a quick rise to success. He has since released his critically-acclaimed mixtape, Send Them To Coventry; one which then went onto receive the BBC Sound of 2021, along with a BRIT Nomination for the 2021 Rising Star Award. Since his accolades, Salieu has made his mark across the pond, performing on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, before then putting pen to paper for his groundbreaking partnership with Beats by Dr Dre. 

Now after linking up with the musical polymath at a festival during the summer, he picked up his very own Varsity Onyx. Also, while Pa has been seen on the covers of NME and Dazed Magazine recently, we can only hope that he sports his new BODA for future covers.