Easter Essentials

Easter Essentials

BODA SKINS' Essential Picks For The Perfect Easter Garden Party 

The time has come, garden party season is officially underway. We know, the last few months have been a difficult time, but now, we’re so ready to put our dancing shoes on to enjoy a fresh lease of life, just in time for Summer. 

Now restrictions have been (slightly) lifted, we see this as an opportunity to let our hair down with our nearest and dearest. Although we’re only going to be sitting with our closest friends and family, from early-doors until the sun goes down, we still want to look good. 

Especially after being spotted in nothing but loungewear for the past 12 months... So, with that being said, we wanted to give you some golden tips on some of the best jackets you can dance the night away in… A moonwalk always looks better in leather.

The time to party has arrived again, let's make sure you're looking your best in all of the gardens you're at.

 BODA Varsity Onyx

First up… Our BODA Varsity Onyx. If you’re looking for a jacket that slides straight into the smart-casual realm, then you need to look no further. 

We all love ‘pretending’ to throw an outfit together, so when you turn up at your next social event, beer in hand, you’ll be standing as the main attraction - in subtle, stylish fashion. 

 Our BODA Varsity jacket dates itself back to the vibes of the 1960s, letting the nostalgia come through when grooving to the old-school classics. A signature BODA SKINS ‘B’ patch can be spotted on the arms and is made from premium sheepskin leather. 

This black and white bomber also features a ribbed collar, waist, and cuffs. Available for all men and women! 

Picture: @zakyeah

Kay Michaels: Burnt Red 

It’s time to pull out a real party trick. You all know about our Kay Michaels, and yes, you guessed it, we’re recommending one for your garden get-togethers. It’s not very often that a jacket makes you feel like a rockstar, so why not channel your inner Jimmy Hendrix with Kay Michaels: Burnt Red

When sitting around the fire with your friends, why not wear leather that matches the energy? Our Kay Michaels Burnt Red, which is available for both men and women, features quilted detailing on the shoulders, as well as ribbed detailing on the arms and side panels. 

Also, don’t worry if it gets too chilly, this Kay Michaels features adjustable buckles that allow you to make room for extra layering.

Classic Biker 

Looking the sharpest in the room sounds good to most people. But with great power comes great responsibility. Our Classic Biker is our answer to all-day functionality. 

For all the fellas and ladies out there, we know how annoying it can be to be carrying too many things when out and about. Look to our Classic Biker to remove these problems. 

Keep your phone, keys, and wallets safe in the multiple pockets you have at your disposal… We’re lifesavers, we know. We want to give you the chance to be silly without the worries of accidentally dropping one of the most important items we take out.  

Additionally, our Classic Biker is made of 100% premium polished Nappa sheepskin leather lined with quilted cotton and finished with silver metal hardware. We’ve combined our signature leather silhouette with a streamlined vibe here, creating the perfect transition for spring.

Picture: @silver.fox.x

Spanish Merino Trucker 

One for the casual lovers. Our Spanish Merino Trucker gives you the chance to cross the feelings of rugged and defined. We understand that sometimes it feels good to mix your look up, so what better way to do it than with the Merino Trucker? 

The jacket is thin enough to wear throughout the day, with the shearling allowing you to feel that extra bit cosy when it's needed, you can thank us later… It’s fine. This jacket has been designed to regulate body temperature, too. 

There’s no need to worry, you’ll never be too hot or cold, because, trust us, we know how unpredictable the British weather can be. So, for all the men and women out there, grab yours now!


Hunter 3.0 

Picture this: being surrounded by 5 of your best friends, drinking your favourite drink, a burning fire, and your Hunter 3.0. Here’s a jacket that you can sink into for the late-night garden conversations. 

Putting the world to rights and losing track of time with your closest people can be so much fun, so we want to make sure you do it comfortably and in style.  

Our Hunter 3.0 includes a double lux shearling collar with metal rollercoaster buckles along with zinc alloy-based antique brass zips. 

This jacket is full of class and we want to give it to all the men and women out there, ready for the next garden party because, you know what, you deserve it.

Picture: @isabellajedler

Kay Michaels: Gold Hardware 

For all the ladies out there, we have the perfect option for you. We understand the troubles of wearing something more than once for a big night out, but with our Kay Michaels Gold Hardware, you’ll feel more than comfortable wearing this as often as possible, without any doubts. 

This Kay Michaels is one of our favourite editions here at BODA HQ and we wanted to suggest it for your lively garden motives. 

The improved hardware here gives you the option to add extra layers underneath with the adjustable buckles, while the interior welcomes new premium satin. The subtlety of the Gold Hardware will definitely have you glistening during golden hour. 

Picture: @beckieeaves

220 Washed Tee Collection 

Finally, we wanted to make life just that little bit easier for you. When rocking any of the above, the 220 Washed Tee Collection provides you the perfect tee to partner with your beloved BODA. 

Handcrafted from 100% organic cotton, the BODA SKINS 220 Tee collection effortlessly combines style, comfort and sustainability. Each tee has been dyed and washed individually, giving its vintage look. Additionally, each and every washed tee in the 220 collection has is GOTS certified, we want to show that we love the environment just as much as these tees.

Each tee has its own batch number, too, meaning there’s going to be 0 worries of being spotted in the same garms as someone else at the party.  

So, there we have it! We hope you take our tips through to your well-deserved garden parties. The times have been tough, we understand that, so we want you all to let your hair down and get partying! But, wait, that's not all... You can see all of our featured items by clicking on the links of the product names in each description! Thank us later.

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