BODA's Christmas Gift Guide For Him

When it comes to sourcing the perfect gift for men, it doesn’t take a collective group of present-sourcing geniuses to tell you that it requires imagination and a whole lot of flair. The chances are, if the man himself - or his counterpart who is looking for a gift for the one closest to them - is a regular checker of the BODA SKINS pages, he’s already well-stocked in the menswear essentials over here. But that’s not to say that you should resort straight to the novelty when sourcing the best Christmas gift for the job… Even for the man who has it all on his wish-list on special occasions like these. 

Whether that’s the classic Kay Michaels silhouette that has been our staple figure since the birth of BODA SKINS, or one of our newer, more out-of-the-box accessories. A thoughtful gift for the man in your life (or yourself) needs to feed his inner luxurious taste, packed to perfection in a ribbon-sealed gift box. So with that being said, Santa’s very own little Christmas helpers here at BODA SKINS have compiled an edit of only the best gift ideas for the festive holidays of 2021. Running the gamut from luxury shearling to everyday-forever jackets, we ho-ho-hope you find something that tickles your fancy.

Abyss Noir Puffer Jacket

The men’s Abyss Noir is the 3-in-1 puffer jacket that has been designed with versatility in mind. This jacket has been crafted from regenerative nylon, making it one of the first recycled filament GRS certified yarns. Of course, the fill of this jacket is the warmest around, and it has been made from recycled PET bottles, cool right? 

Keeping the inside of the jacket as insulated as possible, it has been lined with silver heat retentive lining, along with leather detailing and reflective BODA SKINS printing, giving our signature edge to this statement piece.

But, that isn’t all. The Abyss Noir has a detachable hood and sleeves, allowing for a hoodless puffer look, or a flawless gilet silhouette that can be partnered perfectly with a hoodie.

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The Alexander: Burnt Red

As a jacket that is only for the daring, The Alexander jacket has been a best-seller since its introduction. This style is actually our founder, and CEO, Nathan’s favourite jacket. Featuring ribbed detailing on the arms and side panels, additional buckle details and zips can also be spotted. With plenty of room for layering, the interior features premium satin, along with two interior pockets that have been designed to carry all mobile phones and card-holders.

Coming in this striking Burnt Red colourway, this version of the BODA SKINS front-runner was included in the popular Burnt Red capsule. While the jacket will last forever, and for all months of the year, something feels extra special about getting this red jacket during the Christmas period.

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Adour Mohair Scarf

Accessories are the most important features of making a look become your own. Sometimes, we all need that one item that can be matched with anything, while keeping us cozy through the winter period. Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect solution: our Adour Mohair scarf has been designed to keep you looking classy, stylish and warm whenever you need it.

With this creation, we partnered with a fellow company in the North West of England, Samuel Tweed - a trusted, world-class mohair fabricator that has been at the top of its class for over 75 years. We’ve made sure we have kept the textures luxuriously soft and durable, with the mohair fibers being spun in a 100-year-old spinning mill in West Yorkshire, England. They were then woven locally, creating a bespoke and handcrafted check design made of textured loops, boucles and slubs. 

But when it all comes down to it, we all need a scarf in our lives during this time of the year, so why not ask Santa for the perfect one. 

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Our Voyager is one of the cleanest looks we hold here at BODA SKINS. As one of the newer core products to enter the ranks, the biker-style jacket has been designed for the explorers that want to travel in style. Featuring 100% sheepskin leather and cotton lining, Voyager is finished with hand-polished BODA SKINS hardware.

Standing as one of the most universal jackets in our collection, the Voyager can be worn with anything. Layered with a hoodie? Covered. Trip on the bike? Covered. Hitting the club? Covered. Christmas dinner… You get the picture.  

You can be ready for anything when you have a Voyager in your life. So, with that being said, my money is on Santa having a fair few of these packed on his sleigh this year.

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Outlaw Tee

When it comes to evolving what we’re already great at, you need to look no further than our Outlaw Tee. This look has been designed with rock ‘n’ roll in mind, and as a whole, encapsulates the overall ethos of BODA SKINS. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this t-shirt weighs in at a medium weighted 200gms. While adopting a distressed appearance, the hem, sleeve cuffs and neckline all nod towards the vintage lifestyle. Taking centre stage, the crack skull print comes in white, introducing itself as the staple BODA SKINS graphic ready to carry us into the new era of BODA SKINS tees.

As a look that has been designed to complement any jacket from our collection. So, if you’re looking for the perfect t-shirt, designed to withstand the test of time while being timelessly stylish, then you really don’t need to ask Santa to look any further.

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Kay Michaels: Biker Protection

Of course, if you know us well enough, you know our core and our ethos belongs on the road, and more specifically, on the bike. Our Kay Michaels: Biker Protection is the jacket that captivates that the most. This iconic look is available with biker protection, creating the perfect synergy of style and adventure. To make this rider-ready jacket the most perfect possible, we collaborated with expert protection manufacturers, Smooth Ways. Priding themselves on CE Certified protection from world-class organisations, STRATA and RICOTEST, the removable armour protectors are made from 100% polyurethane.

While also being designed with comfort at the forefront of the priorities, a dense memory foam and feathered edging has been included, allowing for the back protector to mould to the shape of the body. Of course, the design of the jacket looks exactly like our world-famous Kay Michaels jacket, but just know, when you’re riding, you couldn’t be more protected.

So for all of the riders out there, this one is undoubtedly for you.

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Kay Michaels: Paisley 

When we first introduced the Paisley lining for our world-famous Kay Michaels leather, we opened the door to a new style of creativity that has been the catalyst for making world-class linings across a big majority of our new season styles. With this version of our KM, it features new and improved detailing on the shoulders, along with ribbed detailing on the arms and side panels. The show is, of course, stolen by the premium Paisley lining: one that references Manchester’s illustrious musical heritage. This now-iconic lining nods to the Mod and Brit Pop eras of the 1960’s and 1990’s; two majorly important moments in British culture.

Keeping the design subtle, but with a clear edge of class, our new lining embraces Mancunian culture in a way we have never done before. So, what are you waiting for? Slide into this print and become one with the Rainy city.

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Bronx: Vintage

Here comes one of our newest additions to the BODA family. Our Bronx: Vintage one of our most premium shearling jackets to date, one that is made to be by your side forever. Taking inspiration from the ‘Rocky’ movies, Bronx: Vintage has been handcrafted from the most supple South African shearling, complemented with abstract, hand-painted brush strokes on the exterior. Its profiled vintage Nappa paneling and binding gives the BODA SKINS edge to make it like nothing else out there. The leather side has been coated with a cracked surface, partnering with the naturally coloured shearling. This new iconic jacket has been upgraded with exclusive signature BODA SKINS antique brass hardware, engine-turned buckles, and underarm mesh eyelets. 

Being spotted in GQ as one of the best shearling jackets to have this year, the Bronx: Vintage is one you can’t miss out on.

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Kay Michaels: Union Jack

The signature piece from us here at BODA SKINS had to be included in the essential Christmas gift guide. As one of the most iconic renditions of the jacket to come out this year, it became an even bigger British icon with the introduction of the Union Jack lining. Handcrafted from premium sheep leather, the classic Kay Michaels details are as present as ever. The interior has been crafted from premium satin, with the retro-looking lining oozing patriarchy and class. This version of the Kay Michaels also features gun-metal hardware, along with two internal pockets that make room for all mobile phones and card-holders.

Our Kay Michaels: Union Jack has been in limited stock since its introduction to the collection, and with its incredibly cool connections to the Punk Rock genre, this jacket is following in the same footsteps of the genre: it’s not staying for long. 

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Hunter 3.0

Our Hunter 3.0 has been reinterpreted for this season’s must-have. Being crafted from luxurious Australian shearling, this full-body shearling leather jacket is guaranteed to revive your wardrobe, while continuously keeping you warm and undoubtedly-stylish. Our Hunter boasts everything that you would expect from a BODA SKINS jacket; flair, quality and class. While including a double-lux shearling collar, along with metal rollercoaster buckles and rust-proof, zinc alloy based antique brass tips, the style is finished off with the signature BODA SKINS union flag labels.

Of course, it’s good to know that our shearling is sourced from luxurious, high-quality Australian skins, with each hide being known to age in different ways. Shearling is a natural product, so understandably, you can expect variations in texture, shade and markings. This makes each jacket unique, and of course an enhanced look of natural beauty.

Stay warm this Christmas.

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