BODA's Christmas Gift Guide For Her

BODA's Christmas Gift Guide For Her

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for women, then you already know that you’ve come to the right place. We understand that this time of year can be a rush, but it’s okay, take a deep breath and acknowledge the fact that you must, at some point, accept that Christmas is just around the corner. So with that being said, I think it’s safe to say that some gift planning is in order.

Of course, there will be some early-bird shoppers that will have ticked off the majority of their presents, while plenty others won’t have even given the idea the time of day. But, luckily for you, we’re here to make life easier with the perfect women’s BODA SKINS gift guide. Whether it’s for yourself, or the men out there looking to buy for a mum, sister, friend of girlfriend, we’ve packed this gift guide with suggestions that are guaranteed to impress. This edit covers all of the iconic core products of our collection, accessories and jersey. So, whether you’re shopping for a smaller token, or a more grand gesture, we have got you covered.

See the BODA SKINS gift guide for women below.

BODA Varsity

Here, we welcome our BODA Varsity. With the design taking influence from the classic American Varsity jacket, this style dates its origins back to the 1860’s. This timeless classic features our signature BODA SKINS ‘B’ patch on its arm, and has been crafted from premium 100% sheepskin leather. The lining has also been made from sheepskin. Finishing off the look, this black and whire bomber jacket also features a ribbed collar, waist and cuffs. 

Although when meeting the eye, this jacket may not look the warmest, but please, don’t be fooled. The BODA Varsity is ready and waiting to become the perfect everyday jacket. It can be worn for a variety of different occasions, and also has plenty of  room for added layering if you ever really wanted to.

Santa is feeling good this year, so why not let him bring you a BODA Varsity.

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220 Washed Black Tee

Wait… You thought we just sold jackets? When it comes to providing our followers with BODA SKINS styles, mediocrity is not in our nature. Our 220 Washed Black Tee has been handcrafted from 100% certified organic cotton while effortlessly blending comfort, style and sustainability. 

At 220gms, this high-quality, interlock heavy jersey has been produced in a small exclusive batch and has been dyed and washed individually. Through this process, it allows the t-shirt to have a vintage fade-out finish like no other. The look is finished with a cotton canvas label, hand-marked with the year it was created. And don’t worry, your tee will be the only one on the market; each t-shirt has its very own batch number, making your one, the only one out there. 

So if you’re looking for something to complement your jackets as we move through the festive season, the 220 Washed Black Tee could very well be the perfect option for you.

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Warrior 3.0

Here is a jacket that has beens spotted on numerous stars around the world. Our Warrior 3.0 is the latest generation of our best-selling Warrior shearling jacket. We’ve taken everything that made our Warrior so epic, and levelled it up with the most supple sheepskin and upgraded BODA SKINS hardware. While also featuring a black double-lux shearling, it has been partnered with signature rollercoaster buckles, a 100% premium South African shearling and a cracked-black leather exterior.

It is true that South African shearling skins have the best wool in the world, with this ultra-soft being one of the most desirable fabrications on the market. This jacket has been designed to keep you looking your best through any baltic conditions, and this luxury shearling is a timeless one that has been designed to be by your side for years to come. 

Also, don’t worry about the upkeep of this show-stopper. Our Warrior 3.0 naturally keeps its shape, and also features self-cleaning technology that means you can simply shake the jacket to free it of any dust or dirt. And while it was mentioned that this jacket has been seen on stars across the planet, each one has been unique to its wearer, with the premium nature of the jacket making each one have a life of its own.

So for the most luxurious of Christmases this year, look no further than the Warrior 3.0

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BODA Trench 2.0

Quickly becoming one of the quickest sellers in the BODA SKINS, our BODA Trench offers streamlined details, along with an exaggerated storm flap. The jacket is handcrafted from 100% chrome-free leather, with its 0.7-0.8mm thickness falling effortlessly with a long wrap-around belt tie. Boasting double-breasted buttons at the front, the zipped cuff details also welcome internal front welt pockets, partnered with angled pocket flaps and an inverted back pleat. This jacket screams grown up sexiness. 

This now classic silhouette will be by your side for years to come, so if you’re looking for the perfect throw-over jacket, that’s also ideal for any upcoming event you can think of, then you better put this one on your Christmas list.

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Kay Michaels: Gun Metal

Of course, you know that the Kay Michaels is our most iconic jacket, so it’s only right that we feature our Kay Michaels: Gun Metal on this essential Christmas gift guide. With this version, zip cuffs have been introduced to add functionality for extra layering. Quilted detailing has also been introduced on the shoulders, along with ribbed detailing on the arms and side panels. Premium stain has been integrated within the exterior, with added sections being introduced to hold all mobile phones and card-holders.

Our Kay Michaels is arguably the most universal jacket in the BODA SKINS collection. It fits into any look, and has the durability to withstand the harshest of weather. So, if you’re after an all-time classic, then this is the one for you.

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Kay Michaels Leather Leggings

As the first of its kind to hit the BODA SKINS collection, we welcomed the Kay Michaels Leather leggings with open arms, and the BODA tribe outside of our HQ did the exact same. These leggings take reference from the signature detailing of our famous Kay Michaels jacket, but with the leggings, they have been handcrafted from bonded stretch leather. Offering a slim tapered fit for comfort, this style has been designed to fit the bill no matter what. Whether you’re out-out or lounging in your safe haven, these soft-stretch leather leggings are here for you. They also feature a partially elasticated waistband, allowing for that extra bit of room that a lot of us will need after our Christmas dinner.

So to get involved with the latest era of BODA SKINS styles, the Kay Michaels Leather Leggings are here the ones you need.

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Cropped Biker

Here is our tough-looking Cropped Biker. This one has been crafted from chrome-free cow leather, and also features an asymmetrical zip. It includes our favourite paisley lining, and is tipped to be a style that will be current for a lifetime. Its snug, cropped fit has been an instant hit with the new generation of biker streetwear and has been a seriously fast seller since its release back in October. Our Cropped Biker is the perfect emblem for what we stand for; it’s rebellious, versatile and badass. With the style being led by rockets in England, the jacket is a symbol of youth culture, with a mature edge.  It’s the perfect synergy.

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Merino Wool / Cashmere Seamless Beanie 

Fine and luxurious fabrics are at the heart of BODA SKINS. This seamless beanie has been handcrafted from the best Italian merino wool and cashmere on the market. The blend of these fabrications makes for a super-soft touch, with the ribbed knitted structure also being branded with a lambs leather signature trim. Merino wool is one of nature’s wonder-fibres: it’s been around for centuries, with the fibres being so light that they make for perfect wear all year round. Merino also creates its own microclimate around the body, acting as a buffer against changing conditions while maintaining higher comfort levels. 

For the perfect winter accessory, this is what you need.

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BODA Bucket Hat

Here is our newest accessory, and it has been extremely popular since its release. The BODA Bucket Hat is an accessory that can be worn through all seasons; this flawless silhouette features our signature silver hardware, brand puller and subtle debossed logo. Crafted from lambs leather that is 0.7-0.9mm thick, this stylish accessory has a wide sloping brim, and is the perfect piece to add an instant wow-factor to any look. 

Recommended to be partnered with our BODA Trench 2.0, the BODA Bucket hat can be worn in the winter, right through to the festival season in the summer. So, come on, get yours now before they’re all gone.

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Jaws: Gold

Our Jaws: Gold is an evolved version of our most iconic jacket designed for all of the women out there. Including buckles on the cudd, edge of the body and collar, ribbed detailing can be spotted on the shoulder, along with a dipped hem on the back panel. The interior is premium satin, integrated with pockets designed to hold mobile phones and card-holders. The Jaws: Gold was included in our ‘Gold’ collection which launched in the early stages of 2021, and was quickly picked up as a have-to-have look. The golf hardware stands out, but yet, it’s a subtle design that can easily blend into any outfit that’s thrown together. Of course, it wouldn’t be BODA SKINS hardware without the iconic, debossed logos being included, so keep an eye out for those. 

Finish first this Christmas - go for Gold.

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