BODA SKINS Libertatem Collection

BODA SKINS Libertatem Collection

The First Drop Of 2021: The Libertatem Collection

The first drop of 2021 - The Libertatem collection is BODA SKINS’ take on an inspiring and treacherous journey taken on by Mel Stultz and his crew of bikers: the Oilers Car Club’s Race of Gentleman, or better known as, the Crazy 8 crew. 

After we followed the Crazy 8’s through their journey across the United States, we brought our inspirations back to our home of Manchester, England. Constructing our products in world-class artisan mills, we have transformed classic silhouettes that stand next to never-seen-before garments.  

Crafted to last a lifetime, our classic Kay Michaels leathers have been restyled. Constructed with 100% chrome-free leather, they’ve also adopted a hand-painted design and evolved hardware. New deconstructable puffer coats have arrived, too, giving functionality to transform into a fully-functioning gilet silhouette. 

Cashmere and mohair knitwear are welcomed, made from fully-sustainable fabrications that steer away from carbon-based products. The Libertatem collection is BODA SKINS’ graduation into a new age of luxury fashion. 

The latest BODA SKINS collection shows our evolution and thirst for continued perfection in everything we do. 


This season’s Kay Michaels has been elevated, in both its construction and sustainability. Produced by a certified Leather Working Group Tannery, and one of the world’s greenest leather manufacturers, it’s made from 100% chrome-free leather and 100% organic cotton. AZO-free lining and padded details are also introduced with new lightweight and durability qualities.

BODA SKINS founder, and CEO, Nathan Alexander explained his connection to the jacket, mentioning that this reimagined Kay Michaels is his view of the present moment. With life being suspended and temporarily frozen in time, he wanted to capture this moment to ensure that, when spring comes, we never forget the pain and growth that only a cold winter can bring.


introducing the latest edition of the knitwear accessory family: the grey Merino Wool / Cashmere Seamless Beanie, Gloves and Snood - keeping your hands, head, and face  The yarns used are splendour, and they stand right at the heart of BODA SKINS. 

The seamless beanie and gloves have been handcrafted from a sumptuous blend of best-of-its-class Italian merino wool and cashmere, combining ribbed structures and our signature branded lambs-leather trim. 

Merino wool is nature’s wonder-fibre, and it’s ability to be one of the world’s first-class fabrications is showcased once again. Acting as a buffer for the beanie, gloves and snood, it protects wearers from changing weather conditions, giving extra comfort through harsh conditions. The blend of cashmere offers ultimate softness - standing firmly at first place in the leaderboard of the world’s luxurious fibres. 

Yarning the knitwear in Italy, attention to production processes are highly focused on. The accessories are then knitted in Portugal, ensuring the wools meet all Woolmark standards. This selection of knitwear stands as one of the most environmentally-sustainable ones to date. Constructed by Filivivi, one of the finest global knitwear manufacturers, they have ensured that they have respected all regulations that are aimed at protecting human health and the environment. 




Ensuring that the puffers are the warmest ones to ever to come from the BODA ranks, the insulation has been covered by one of the leading garment insulation companies, Thermore, who have integrated their Ecodown Fibre 2.0. 

This is leading as their most advanced insulation yet and stands as the technology that is constructed by 100% recycled plastic bottles, certifying that all greenhouse gases are steered away from in the making of the garment.  

Other technical elements are kept environmentally-sustainable, too, with the lining being made from 100% recycled regenerative nylon as well as 100% Italian lambs leather being used for the leather trims and the iconic BODA SKINS branding patch, which can be spotted on the arm. Other branding points can be spotted on the lower-back panels, designed with a reflective effect. 

Both the Vanquish, Abyss and Ravine Noir puffers are fully deconstructable, meaning you can remove all sleeves and hoods to create a fully-functioning gilet.

The latest BODA SKINS Libertatem collection is now available in all sizes for all the men, and women out there.  

It's time to enter the new age.

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